12 Days of Christmas – WIN a $100 Visa Gift Card

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5th Dec 2018, 9:00am

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On the third day of Christmas my telco sent to me… the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! Buy your Mum the present she really deserves, or treat yourself this Christmas, with this handy $100 gift card.


To enter this competition, login to Yes Crowd and…

Tell us in 25 words or less what would you spend your $100 Visa gift card on?

Once the competition closes (14th December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all entries, and the person we deem to have the best entry will win the $100 Visa gift card.


The Yes Crowd 12 Days of Christmas competition runs from 3rd December 2018 until 11:59 pm on 14th December 2018 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. To find out what other amazing prizes are up for grabs, click here.


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Ts & Cs

Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 09:00AM AEDT 03/12/18. Ends: 11:59PM AEDT 14/12/18. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. Ts & Cs apply.

by Frequent Visitor macka3030
‎2018-12-13 05:44 AM

$100 would allow me to pay my Optus bill for a month.

by Occasional Visitor ZUF
‎2018-12-13 09:18 AM

I would buy my wife Si Passione perfume

by New Member Jokani
‎2018-12-13 11:51 AM

I would spend it on the boxing day sales to make my $100 go even further!

by Occasional Visitor izles
‎2018-12-13 12:09 PM

Few beverages with friends

by Frequent Visitor Krunal
‎2018-12-13 02:33 PM

I would use the $100 on Christmas gifts to my son and wife. The gift will be sport gear and perfume. 

by New Member meonala
‎2018-12-13 03:06 PM

Pay my next optus bill and buy a few drinks to sit and kick back.

by Occasional Visitor CandiceB92
‎2018-12-13 03:40 PM

I would spend it on food for Christmas day to cater for my large family!

by Occasional Visitor pretty1
‎2018-12-13 04:21 PM

It would be great to spent more money to buy christmas presents for family.

by Member BlackLeprechaun
‎2018-12-13 04:43 PM

A nice meal with my family and the remaining for a food hamper for the needy.

by New Member lozzastar
‎2018-12-13 05:02 PM

I would book a night away with the hubby - we havent had one since our children were born (over 4 years)


by New Member AndyKid68
‎2018-12-13 05:23 PM

KFC and alcohol are sorted for Christmas . 

by New Contributor Wolfy910
‎2018-12-13 05:31 PM

Would use it to give the local ladies at SALVOS a great Christmas lunch

by New Contributor SusieC
‎2018-12-13 06:25 PM

An afternoon with my Mum, so lunch and movies

by Member southampton76
‎2018-12-13 07:01 PM

I would spend it on a trip to the Dentist after Christmas, I think I might need it!

by Frequent Visitor _reegan
‎2018-12-13 07:47 PM

i would spend my $100 visa gift card on food and give it out to homeless people 

by Occasional Visitor lcllcl
‎2018-12-13 08:51 PM

I would spend the 100$ in buying a one-million AUD mansion










with the 999,900AUD I already have.

by New Contributor Niko99
‎2018-12-14 04:12 AM

A framed photo with a message of motivation. I need that for my 2019 new year resolution!!

by Frequent Visitor Jeans2
‎2018-12-14 05:33 AM

I would use the $100 Visa Gift Card to take my mum and dad out for dinner to thank them. 

by Visitor peachiestplum
‎2018-12-14 09:54 AM

I would happily spend it on $100 worth of LION club christmas cakes and donate them to our Community hampers for needy families.

by Occasional Visitor LisaAnne
‎2018-12-14 10:14 AM

I would spend it on Christmas Day food for my family so they don’t have to 

by Frequent Visitor Evia
‎2018-12-14 10:30 AM

Just Me! - for once...

by Occasional Visitor HashTM
‎2018-12-14 10:39 AM

Buy my mum a new laptop charger after the dog ate hers Smiley LOL

by Visitor HKX
‎2018-12-14 11:30 AM

Going to Sydney Fish Market for Christmas eve FEAST!

by New Member Borgy01
‎2018-12-14 12:06 PM

A giftcard would be great

It would help me and a mate

To stock up on food and drinks

As I watch as my bank account shrinks

by Occasional Visitor Sean08
‎2018-12-14 12:11 PM

Fantastic, I'm was looking to buy my son his first bike, it costs $99!

by Member kitten_kj
‎2018-12-14 02:45 PM

I need it to pay bills as I've had kitty health emergencies - she's my world - and now I am broke :-( 

by Frequent Visitor Kittycat888
‎2018-12-14 02:46 PM

enroll in a creative writing course

by New Contributor Jupiter707
‎2018-12-14 07:26 PM

I'd take out my elderly neighbour for a pre Christmas lunch and buy her something a bit special.  She's always been there for me through the tough times.

by New Contributor Leeza
‎2018-12-14 07:47 PM

I would be a secret Santa to someone who’s in need. 

by New Contributor Rebel
‎2018-12-14 08:24 PM

Our Kookaburra Family is expanding, new babies abound, it's getting rather expensive, but we love having them around, $100 towards their food, would be wonderful. :-)

by Frequent Visitor Oc88
‎2018-12-14 08:29 PM

A new kindle to make the commute to work in 2019 a bit more bearable 

by Frequent Visitor ScouterB
‎2018-12-14 11:16 PM

Adopt one of the many dogs, that will unfortunately be dumped after christmas. $100 is nothing compared to the endless love i will gain.

by Frequent Visitor Sonia310
‎2018-12-14 11:19 PM

I would love to buy a beautiful Nike shoes for my husband as he always put our family first , It would be an amazing Christmas gift under the tree. 

by New Member auroraskye
‎2018-12-14 11:50 PM

I feel guilty spending money on myself but I'd probaby buy some clothes that fit properly.

by New Contributor Niko99
‎2018-12-15 01:14 AM

I'll buy stacks of nappies for my newborn twins. I'm a responsible Dad.