12 Days of Christmas – WIN a $100 Visa Gift Card

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5th Dec 2018, 9:00am

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On the third day of Christmas my telco sent to me… the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! Buy your Mum the present she really deserves, or treat yourself this Christmas, with this handy $100 gift card.


To enter this competition, login to Yes Crowd and…

Tell us in 25 words or less what would you spend your $100 Visa gift card on?

Once the competition closes (14th December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all entries, and the person we deem to have the best entry will win the $100 Visa gift card.


The Yes Crowd 12 Days of Christmas competition runs from 3rd December 2018 until 11:59 pm on 14th December 2018 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. To find out what other amazing prizes are up for grabs, click here.


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Ts & Cs

Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 09:00AM AEDT 03/12/18. Ends: 11:59PM AEDT 14/12/18. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. Ts & Cs apply.

by Frequent Visitor catena00
‎2018-12-04 09:23 AM

I would spend it on Gucci branded cookies and milk to leave for santa, nothing like staying on the nice list Smiley Wink

by Frequent Visitor ryxista
‎2018-12-04 09:27 AM

I would use the $100 to buy more Christmas presents for my family. You can never give back enough.

by Occasional Visitor ANC1989
‎2018-12-04 09:31 AM

I would buy an elf costume for my dog for santa photos

by New Member Sengretta
‎2018-12-04 09:33 AM

I would spend it on lowering my crippling debt I have from buying Christmas presents this year.

by Occasional Visitor DanteB
‎2018-12-04 09:34 AM

Id buy as many chicken nuggets as $100 can.

by Frequent Visitor MoniMonsta
‎2018-12-04 09:35 AM
I would spend it on food. You can never over cater Christmas lunch!
by Frequent Visitor Beckstarr
‎2018-12-04 10:04 AM

I would spend it on a Christmas present for my dog as well as his usual food, he eats so much!

by New Contributor Djduke28
‎2018-12-04 10:19 AM

I would use the $100 on feastive food for Christmas lunch and dinner  for my family and friends.

by Frequent Visitor SamfordSusie
‎2018-12-04 10:20 AM

I’d spend $100 escaping to the movies to hide in the air con! Nothing like an Australian summer!

by Member OldGal
‎2018-12-04 10:23 AM
I would give it to Carevan.
by Occasional Contributor Peteroid
‎2018-12-04 10:26 AM

Buy $100 ebay gift card at Coles to get 2000 Flybuy points worth $10 and make $125 ebay purchase with 20% discount saving $25.

by Occasional Visitor lliu27
‎2018-12-04 10:41 AM

I would buy a nice fan

by Occasional Visitor Bfin
‎2018-12-04 10:42 AM

I would spend it on myself as it’s my 30th Birthday a week before Xmas and I never buy myself anything. Not sure what I’d buy, maybe a nice dress or a massage. 

by Visitor lethe711
‎2018-12-04 10:45 AM

I will spend it on a Dash-cam 

by Occasional Contributor lyn60
‎2018-12-04 10:47 AM

I would spend it on the most precious people in my life.   My 6 Grandchildren of course💙

by Frequent Visitor Leopard
‎2018-12-04 10:55 AM

I would handover $100 worth of gifts to "The Smith Family" (

Charity Gifts For Disadvantaged Children)

by Frequent Visitor hyouden
‎2018-12-04 11:07 AM

I want to use the $100 VISA card to buy some Christmas presents for the forever loving animals at RSPCA Smiley Happy

by Occasional Visitor LijieNowie
‎2018-12-04 11:11 AM

I would use it to get my hair done I am afraid. After I finish looking after everyone I seem to miss out every month - ha

by Visitor Sharni94
‎2018-12-04 11:21 AM

I would use it to donate to chairty! The less fortunate don't always have to best time over christmas i would donate to my local salvation army to provide pressie and care for disadvantaged familys

by Frequent Visitor Kieran_1980
‎2018-12-04 11:22 AM

My Dad. He's old, wrinkled, slightly worn out but still happy!  Would put this towards a mower for him as he's 17 years old!


by Visitor Stellzy
‎2018-12-04 11:24 AM

On a Big Christmas Tree for the family 

by Frequent Visitor Patchirajan
‎2018-12-04 11:26 AM

Will use to buy christmas gift for my kids

by Visitor ambere100
‎2018-12-04 11:31 AM

I would use it for clothes to donate to people in need

by Frequent Visitor icanfly77
‎2018-12-04 11:33 AM

I would use it to buy a Visa $100 gift card!

by Frequent Visitor AM03FJ
‎2018-12-04 11:36 AM

I would give it to my wife.

by Visitor djs7cc
‎2018-12-04 11:38 AM

I would spend it on my family

by Member shazzak
‎2018-12-04 11:50 AM

I'd give it to my daughter for her 21st. That way she can buy what she wants, not what I think she wants.

by Frequent Visitor TheAntic
‎2018-12-04 11:56 AM

I would use it to buy $100 of playstation store credit

by Frequent Visitor Gabser
‎2018-12-04 11:56 AM

On extra food so I can invite a couple of elderly neighbours to join us for Christmas lunch as well.

by Visitor cbram12
‎2018-12-04 12:02 PM

I would spend it on a Christmas tree, as I do not have one at the moment and want to feel festive Smiley Happy

by Visitor Natisha
‎2018-12-04 12:06 PM

Would spend the $100 on my amazing daugter for her USA trip as she is going to America with her dance school next year. 

by Visitor jonafun
‎2018-12-04 12:10 PM

Food food and food

by Member namzrock
‎2018-12-04 12:21 PM

I would spend to pay Optus bill Smiley Happy

by New Contributor Travelalot
‎2018-12-04 12:26 PM

I would use it to get a snowmaker, let it snow  Smiley Happy

by New Contributor jneu
‎2018-12-04 12:27 PM

My new Optus $35 mobile plan - woot, woot!

by Frequent Visitor Jeffx
‎2018-12-04 12:34 PM

Probably spend it on food

by New Contributor Hawko
‎2018-12-04 12:35 PM

I want to learn a new skill. So I would put it toward a summer course. 

by Frequent Visitor Courtz51
‎2018-12-04 12:44 PM

I would put it towards a new laptop for Uni

by Occasional Contributor KrisCole1
‎2018-12-04 12:45 PM

To buy our 5 lovable grandkids extra Christmas gifts from their pensioner grandparents

by Frequent Visitor Sam_Aarika
‎2018-12-04 12:47 PM

To be honest, i will give $50 to a needy person this christmas and keep 50 for myself Smiley Happy

by Visitor saraf
‎2018-12-04 12:55 PM

I would use the $100 on feastive food for Christmas dinner  for my family and friends.

by Frequent Visitor joyboy1978
‎2018-12-04 12:58 PM

A new golf bag for son.

by Frequent Visitor mrWLSN
‎2018-12-04 01:09 PM

I'd probably just spend it all (and then some!) on clothing and other items for my baby due in February.

by Frequent Visitor skbou1
‎2018-12-04 01:10 PM

Extras at Christmas this year means extra $'s on food....yep, we'll eat the $100 VISA :-)

by Visitor bjjosef
‎2018-12-04 01:11 PM

Use it for our family's Christmas tradition of going to Maccas in our jammies and eating pancakes!

by Frequent Visitor kazza1965
‎2018-12-04 01:20 PM

watching the kids faces light up knowing I got something they liked. Its also a time for relaxing and getting all the family together

by Frequent Visitor JP13
‎2018-12-04 01:27 PM

I think I would use the $100 to help with travel expenses to get home for Christmas

by Member treefern
‎2018-12-04 01:40 PM

I'd spend the $100 VISA giftcard on a bunch of awesome nurses that dialyse me thrice weekly. Chocolates, flowers, plants and cupcakes.

by Member TAandAA
‎2018-12-04 01:43 PM

I would buy a ticket for my grandmother to come and visit for Christmas! awww Smiley Happy

by Visitor mcmegan
‎2018-12-04 01:43 PM

I would spend the $100 on a live Christmas tree in a pot that I can use every year without any impact to the envionment.

by Occasional Contributor siers
‎2018-12-04 01:57 PM