12 Days of Christmas – WIN 10 Hoyts Movie Tickets

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6th Dec 2018, 9:00am

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On the fourth day of Christmas my telco sent to me… the chance to win 10 Hoyts movie tickets! Escape the heat this summer and provide the kids with fun entertainment these school holidays by entering our competition below.


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Leave a comment below telling us in 25 words or less what the best Christmas movie is to get you into the festive spirit and why. 


Once the competition closes (14th December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all entries, and the person we deem to have the best entry will win the 10 Hoyts movie tickets.


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Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 09:00AM AEDT 03/12/18. Ends: 11:59PM AEDT 14/12/18. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. Ts & Cs apply.

by Occasional Visitor mikexs
‎2018-12-06 09:33 AM

Fantastic Beasts, coz is a great movie and me and my girl love it

by New Member CD91
‎2018-12-06 09:55 AM

Miracle on 34th Street, bst Christmas Movie EVER! Loved it ever since I was a child.

by Frequent Visitor minggaofu
‎2018-12-06 09:55 AM

The grinch (Jim Carey’s version) as it shows the spirit of xmas

by Occasional Visitor kdub44
‎2018-12-06 10:10 AM

The best christmas movie is ELF because it's a beautiful story that the whole family can enjoy and sends messages like 'the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear' and reminds children to believe in santa to keep the spirit of christmas alive!

by Frequent Visitor Matthew8060
‎2018-12-06 10:10 AM

Die Hard is my favourite Christmas movie. Once of Alan Rickman's early films.

by New Member joanduckie
‎2018-12-06 10:11 AM

The Holiday. I love jude law

by Visitor Jules76
‎2018-12-06 10:11 AM

Love Actually has the perfect blend of Christmas fun, romance, laughs & tears

by Frequent Visitor TheAntic
‎2018-12-06 10:15 AM

The Nghtmare Before Christmas, its the most fun festive and timeless christmas movie

by Frequent Visitor matejay
‎2018-12-06 10:17 AM

Gremlins!!! One of my childhood (and lifetime) favourite movies and a whole different take on the festive theme. Quirky, fun, pure entertainment.

by Frequent Visitor joyboy1978
‎2018-12-06 10:17 AM

Elf. A great laugh that the whole family can enjoy and has loads of Christmas spirit.

by Visitor KerryInOz
‎2018-12-06 10:40 AM

Home Alone! No other movie comes close! Feel good family fun to get everyone feeling festive!

by Visitor djs7cc
‎2018-12-06 10:52 AM

the best christmas movie is A Christmas Carol

by Frequent Visitor MissRev
‎2018-12-06 10:58 AM

Definitely “Home Alone”…. Keep the change, ya filthy animal! Smiley Very Happy

by Member TAandAA
‎2018-12-06 10:59 AM

Jack Frost! Its such a touching movie about family with real emotions! Its something everyone growing up has seen with their family! Timeless!

by Occasional Contributor lyn60
‎2018-12-06 11:01 AM

Santa Clause 1,2 and 3...fantastic family movies for all ages

by Frequent Visitor bim85
‎2018-12-06 11:28 AM

Not quite a movie, but always a Christmas must see - the Doctor Who Christmas Special titled  'A Christmas Carol' starring Matt Smith, it''s simply beautiful!

by Visitor ikenito
‎2018-12-06 12:09 PM

Home Alone!


The best classic movie ever! Always enjoy during christmas time!

by Frequent Visitor weazley
‎2018-12-06 12:26 PM

Die Hard! And I'd reject anyone who denies it is a Christmas movie!

by Visitor Snailroo
‎2018-12-06 12:31 PM

The Muppets Christmas Carol. But it has to have that song in it that got cut from the dvd version, "When Love is Gone".

by Frequent Visitor mlgeb74
‎2018-12-06 12:47 PM

Scrooge (Bill Murray)...nothing better than an 80's christmas movie to give the kids some culture!

by Frequent Visitor Hayleymorrison1
‎2018-12-06 12:47 PM

Elf! It's such a funny movie and good for the whole family

by New Member Butler99
‎2018-12-06 01:00 PM

The entire Marvel MCU series because those movies are good for every day of the year including Christmas.

by New Member Dmoss89
‎2018-12-06 01:01 PM

It's the month before Christmas, and every night at home. 

I put on my PJ's and hit play on Home Alone! 

by Frequent Visitor Kieran_1980
‎2018-12-06 01:01 PM

It's a Wonderful Life. Released in 1946 but its values stand test of time today.  No matter how bad life gets there is always hope!

by Occasional Contributor Epoche
‎2018-12-06 01:36 PM

Die Hard Smiley Happy
Great action throughout and at the end, a happy ending with an Xmassy song.

by Visitor cbram12
‎2018-12-06 01:50 PM

Die Hard is definitely my favourite, bruce willis quotes all day long!

by Frequent Visitor Gabser
‎2018-12-06 02:12 PM

Die Hard as you know when they're showing this on TV then it really is Christmas time.

by Occasional Visitor testerting
‎2018-12-06 02:16 PM

Home Alone. Always alone even for Christmas

by Frequent Visitor saml9
‎2018-12-06 02:19 PM

The Polar Express - if you ignore the awful animation, it's a great film for the whole family!

by Frequent Visitor zzyss
‎2018-12-06 02:20 PM

Nothing says "Scorching hot Australian Summer Christmas" like "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" -



by Frequent Visitor Asher666
‎2018-12-06 02:22 PM

Jingle All the Way because I like the way he says "Turbo Man doll".

by Frequent Visitor MoniMonsta
‎2018-12-06 02:29 PM
Without a doubt, it's Love Actually!
by Visitor xuboy
‎2018-12-06 03:01 PM

Hands down Home Alone, always been since for the past 20 Smiley Very Happy


by Visitor shazza241065
‎2018-12-06 03:12 PM

The grinch is the best xmas movie teaches us all about giving to all

by Frequent Visitor MsMaryMac
‎2018-12-06 03:58 PM

Die Hard for sure!

by New Contributor mandela
‎2018-12-06 04:05 PM
Home Alone is the best movie to kickstart my Christmas spirits.
by Member Onria
‎2018-12-06 04:05 PM

Die hard! People may disagree, but there's nothing like a YIPEE AYEE MF! 

by Frequent Visitor Jeffrito
‎2018-12-06 04:07 PM

Home Alone - easily the best Christmas movie. No one should feel alone during Xmas and this makes you feel that.

by Visitor timtam4me
‎2018-12-06 04:11 PM

The movie i would love to watch is Christmas Vacation and Home Alone! classic funny movie!

by Frequent Visitor Crowdme
‎2018-12-06 04:14 PM

My family loves Polar Express, a lovely movie that we can all watch

by New Contributor Kattwells
‎2018-12-06 04:16 PM

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! From finding the perfect tree to the Christmas bonus, watching it on Christmas Day is a family tradition! 

by New Contributor Misslingling
‎2018-12-06 04:19 PM

Bad Santa is the perfect Christmas film; full of laughs and adventures

by New Contributor dpcdpc123
‎2018-12-06 04:21 PM
Love Actually ... Hugh Grant dancing ... hilarious
by Member pizzaman
‎2018-12-06 04:22 PM

Elf, I can't help mysELF, it puts the pun into Christmas. It gives me great sELF-esteem. After watching this movie, I feel so much better about mysELF.


by New Contributor Happieyak
‎2018-12-06 04:22 PM

I would love to the tickets, My kids havn't been to the movies over a year.

by Frequent Visitor wazman21
‎2018-12-06 04:24 PM

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, because my family is jolliest bunch of a-holes this side of the nuthouse!

by New Contributor Emilyhakanson
‎2018-12-06 04:27 PM

Always miracle on 34th Street. A timeless classic

by New Contributor Meliss
‎2018-12-06 04:28 PM

Any movie will do because it's Christmas and it's all about family, friends and foooood!

by New Contributor geegirl
‎2018-12-06 04:31 PM

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus classic golden oldie the whole family enjoys

by Occasional Contributor JulieMrtn
‎2018-12-06 04:32 PM

Any of the Santa Claus movies them!!

by Frequent Visitor tayo26
‎2018-12-06 04:32 PM

National lampoons Christmas Vacation! This movie typifies how we dream of a perfect day, but with so much pressure, it always goes pear shaped!

by New Contributor johnrand
‎2018-12-06 04:33 PM

Love Actually ... such a soppy movie.

by Contributor Oethesaint
‎2018-12-06 04:34 PM

Bad Santa 

by New Contributor Bowaterr
‎2018-12-06 04:35 PM

Elf ... cause Will Ferrell is hilarious!

by New Contributor mvb
‎2018-12-06 04:36 PM

any bad movie would make me get into the christmas spirits

by Occasional Contributor BILLBOB
‎2018-12-06 04:38 PM

I have 3 I watch every year, Santa Clause (Tim Allen), Jingle all the way (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and The Grinch (Jim Carey). 

by New Contributor trent083
‎2018-12-06 04:39 PM

It isn't Christmas unless Die Hard gets played,


Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho 



by Occasional Contributor Jericho
‎2018-12-06 04:40 PM

Home Alone absolute Christmas classic. 

by Visitor Jojo09
‎2018-12-06 04:42 PM

Love Actually because what is christmas without love Heart

by Frequent Visitor mikerawlins
‎2018-12-06 04:42 PM

The Great Escape because it was always on on Christmas day when I was growing up.

by New Contributor Woollysmum
‎2018-12-06 04:43 PM

Die Hard, because Bruce Willis!

by New Contributor Sluke1
‎2018-12-06 04:46 PM

Die Hard, a true Christmas movie. 

by New Contributor ufohunter
‎2018-12-06 04:47 PM

Creed 2. what else can lift the spirit like punching a bad guy's (Xmas) lights out.

by Member r1c3box
‎2018-12-06 04:47 PM

Mickey’s Christmas Carol! A movie for young and old, and an amazing story to be told.

by New Contributor SanB
‎2018-12-06 04:50 PM

Santa Claus with Tim Allen. This humorous & uplifting movie uses the theme of Christmas to bridges the gap between a father & son.

by Occasional Contributor gusman
‎2018-12-06 04:50 PM

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - the Christmas tree scenes crack me up every time!

by Frequent Visitor Mstrom
‎2018-12-06 04:55 PM

Anything that isn’t love actually!!

by New Contributor Lycie90
‎2018-12-06 04:56 PM

The movie the Santa clause movie with Tim Allen in it. He just funny guy. Use to watch him on the Tim the tool man.

by Contributor redgumtv
‎2018-12-06 04:56 PM

Any movie that brings a giant smile or endless hapiness and enjoyment.

by New Contributor Bryonx
‎2018-12-06 04:57 PM

My daughters, their partners, my wife & I love going to the movies. It won't take long to use 10 tickets up. 

by New Contributor vishae
‎2018-12-06 05:03 PM
Die Hard. Yes, that Christmas movie.
by New Contributor Carbon
‎2018-12-06 05:09 PM

Jingle All The Way because it's a great family festive movie with Arnie

by New Contributor JimJamz
‎2018-12-06 05:10 PM

Dirty dancing. It grants me movie picking rright with the wife for at least a month or two ...

by New Contributor gregrodgers
‎2018-12-06 05:12 PM

Die Hard as it shows that family members can come together no matter the obstacle.

by Member deevajo
‎2018-12-06 05:12 PM

I haven't seen it yet but I already know it's going to be my favourite movie Once upon a Deadpool! Smiley Embarassed

by New Contributor Roguesailor
‎2018-12-06 05:14 PM

Miricale on 34th Street, the original, as it is a timeless movie of the Christmas spirit.

by New Contributor Rachel95
‎2018-12-06 05:22 PM

The Polar Express, as it makes me happy and helps to keep the magic of christmas alive in my house.

by Occasional Contributor pauliking
‎2018-12-06 05:23 PM
Polar Express for some reason gets us going. Watched it last night already! Love the grinch to
by Frequent Visitor Fynn
‎2018-12-06 05:26 PM

Love Actually is my favourite Christmas movie.


by New Contributor hawlonzo
‎2018-12-06 05:29 PM

Without a doubt it’s Clue. Because Tim Curry...

by Occasional Contributor Strider1974
‎2018-12-06 05:30 PM

Aquaman...good action flick is always an enjoyable night

by Frequent Visitor Stevo52
‎2018-12-06 05:41 PM

Monty Python's Life of Brian, for the nativity scene,,,

by New Contributor EgoFG
‎2018-12-06 05:42 PM

Yogi's first Christmas - he is an outdoors type, could almost be an Australian with a silly voice

by Occasional Contributor DaveVic71
‎2018-12-06 05:43 PM

Die Hard......Yippee-kai-yay, motherf$%^&&r 

by Occasional Contributor luapbarb
‎2018-12-06 05:43 PM

Die Hard. My favourite Christmas Movie. Yippie-Ki-Yay.

by Frequent Visitor gemdelacreme
‎2018-12-06 05:46 PM

This Christmas


Great romantic musical comedy with Chris Brown - nuff said

by Member shazzak
‎2018-12-06 05:46 PM

The Nightmare before Christmas, timeless and a great movie

by Frequent Visitor Tonsterbd
‎2018-12-06 05:55 PM

The new movie chronicles of Christmas looks great be fun to go out with the family 

by New Contributor Bafftub
‎2018-12-06 05:56 PM

Home alone. Cause it inspired fortnite.

by Occasional Visitor keishton
‎2018-12-06 05:59 PM

Has anyone watched the Polar Express? that movie was awesome