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12 Days of Christmas – Logitech MX 2S wireless mouse

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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On the tenth day of Christmas my telco sent to me… the chance to win a Logitech MX 2S Wireless Mouse! Gamers rejoice, the Logitech mouse might just be the missing piece to your gaming set-up.


To enter this competition, login to Yes Crowd and…


Leave a comment below telling us, what’s an essential item for the perfect gaming setup at home?


Once the competition closes (14th December at 11:59pm AEDT) we will judge all entries, and the one we deem to be the best will win the Logitech MX 2S wireless mouse.


The Yes Crowd 12 Days of Christmas competition runs from 3rd December 2018 until 11:59 pm on 14th December 2018 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. To find out what other amazing prizes are up for grabs, click here.


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Ts & Cs

Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 09:00AM AEDT 03/12/18. Ends: 11:59PM AEDT 14/12/18. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. Ts & Cs apply.

Member TAandAA

There is no one essential item for the perfect gaming experience!

-comfy couch spot

-volume up loud

it goes on....


...BUT... If I had to chose one, for me though has to be the comfy couch! If i dont have my usual spot, it aint going to work! To win I have to have that spot! And to make sure nobody else is in my personal space for perfect arm movement.


Frequent Visitor Hayleymorrison1
Frequent Visitor

Someone who isnt going to interrupt you! And a good mug of coffee.

Member bigjiggadyjig

Has to be an ice cold beverage in this hot summer months!

Frequent Visitor V1King
Frequent Visitor

A Game Box is the most important item, howeer.......a mug of coffee, crakers and cheese, and the number 2 - a quiet place (like the Men's Shed) would make it perfect.

New Contributor eilyk
New Contributor

Headphones and a sound proofed room.. so I dont have to listen to my husband when he plays CS.

Frequent Visitor Irisheyes
Frequent Visitor


Frequent Visitor bim85
Frequent Visitor

Decent headphones, open backed, expansive sound stage, rich, booming bass - to capture all the nuances in a game.

Occasional Contributor Peteroid
Occasional Contributor


A good mousepad that is big enough that you never have to worry about dragging your mouse off the surface mid-game so plenty of room for mousing.

Member r1c3box

Big monitor, comfy chair, the rest will sort itself out!

New Contributor BDASH
New Contributor

Other than a brilliant mouse for brilliant control, THE essential item for the perfect gaming setup at home is my fast OPTUS NBN connection!

New Member ozguy75
New Member

A good chair

Frequent Visitor ryxista
Frequent Visitor

Comfortable couch for sure!

New Contributor 111GTR
New Contributor

quality headphones, 32" 2k screen and a powerful enough rig to play all the AAA titles.

Frequent Visitor lauren31
Frequent Visitor

Some good old snacks to take away the pain of in game dying 

Frequent Visitor Sam_Aarika
Frequent Visitor

A bean bag with ligh snacks and wife as second player. And game should be westling... Smiley Wink 

Frequent Visitor Gabser
Frequent Visitor

The comfiest chair in the world as you're going to be sat in it for a fair amount of time.

Frequent Visitor joyboy1978
Frequent Visitor


New Contributor Carbon
New Contributor

Fast powerful computer

Member namzrock

Logitech MX 2S wireless mouse

New Contributor djharp
New Contributor

Jack Daniels

Occasional Visitor LadyMooGoo
Occasional Visitor

NBN...lag can be so annoying.

Occasional Visitor Princess78
Occasional Visitor

Headphones so I don't have to listen to my kids screaming at their Fortnite characters!

Frequent Visitor Amraklve
Frequent Visitor
Decent quality headphones so you can hear every movement of your enemies!
Occasional Visitor OIIie
Occasional Visitor

A brilliant screen to immerse yourself in.

Visitor djs7cc

Fast Internet,

Cold Beer,


Surround Sound,

Big Screen TV

Comfy Couch

Frequent Visitor Juliaclint
Frequent Visitor

A decent internet connection and some quality headphones so you can ignore the other people in the house asking you to do the dishes 

Occasional Visitor mostlysunny
Occasional Visitor

Ultra Wide 34 inch monitor with 144hz refresh rate 😄

Visitor kEvIn0hsEvEn

A whole house for yourself without the wife's hassle 

New Contributor rman
New Contributor

Cheat sheet

New Contributor Kynan
New Contributor

Need a good pair of headphones that I can hear good sound through and talk to my teammates, and can answer any phone calls I get through them too.

Occasional Contributor Mooch
Occasional Contributor

Coffee. Hot (but not too hot), strong and dark. Just coffee.

Frequent Visitor MrtheMoonbear
Frequent Visitor

The single most important thing for any gaming setup to be considered perfect is a pet/child/SO to remind you to stop every now and again...

Member DaveBickford

A solid NBN connection!

Member Collider25

Somewhere comfotable to sit, gaming can take long hours and dedication... you want to be comfortable!

Visitor ChristopherLay

Good quality headphones makes all the differnce.

New Member Lizzie87
New Member
optus Internet!
Frequent Visitor Jeffx
Frequent Visitor

Farmers wife got to my last one...

Frequent Visitor MilanFil
Frequent Visitor

A comfortable seat, great lighting and super fast Optus internet!

Visitor Jules76

A decent comfy seat is the most important thing!

Visitor PaulChong23

High speed optus internet

New Contributor RickG
New Contributor

a stress free day

Contributor Rubofthegreen

Wifi & NBN connection with Optus that has good speed and doesnt drop out.

New Contributor BluPlox
New Contributor

A good chair. no one likes a sore bum..:o

Frequent Visitor russty1978x
Frequent Visitor

A tripple monitor setup for that fully immersive feeling while gaming.

Occasional Visitor ZUF
Occasional Visitor

got to be the Logitech MX 2S wireless mouse, the mouse makes all the difference when it comes to gaming, gotta feel right

Frequent Visitor Machaon
Frequent Visitor

A sticky note on my monitor that says "DO NOT feed the trolls".

New Contributor zzyss
New Contributor

A computer. Definitely a computer. Sitting at my desk staring at the wall isn't very entertaining at all.

Visitor Stellzy

Comfy Couch, Big Screen Smart TV, a side table and baily's on the rocks

Occasional Visitor izles
Occasional Visitor

Family activity for everyone else while your gaming

Visitor Richard69

A good chair, 

multi monitor

god gaming keyboard and mouse

and a good game to play

Frequent Visitor NEBrown
Frequent Visitor

A game...

Member OldGal
ESSENTIAL to a perfect gaming setup is and Optus fast NBN conection! Because without it, there can be no gaming.
New Contributor NamanMehra
New Contributor

Perfect gaming component - a machine that can run my games crisply, render awesome images and not lag.

New Member meonala
New Member

Fast internet. 

Frequent Visitor rebeccafoster27
Frequent Visitor

A big tv like my 40 inch tv set up in my spare room aka known as my gaming room. A big comfy couch to sit on and peace and quiet, except from me as I get really excited and fist pump a lot. Oh my X-Box connected of course and my great Optus NBN network up and running.

Member OzHammer

essential item ... my daughter!

New Contributor Wolfy910
New Contributor

Simple, a good quality monitor. No po8nt having the latest games if you can’t see everything in HD goodness

Member southampton76

Has to be the mini-fridge, unsung hero of the gaming world, no longer need to worry about making the quick dash to the kitchen between games

Frequent Visitor Jeans2
Frequent Visitor

Comfortable couch. 

Occasional Visitor AnaOb
Occasional Visitor
Your gaming rig may not be that high-end but as long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection you will never go wrong.
Occasional Visitor HashTM
Occasional Visitor

A good quality chair, for sure. It's important to take be comfortable when you play for hours 😉

Occasional Visitor jengels
Occasional Visitor

My son! Playing games with him is the best way to play games.

Frequent Visitor annabelleluu
Frequent Visitor

Electricity for starters, a good computer set up, comfortable chair, some good snaccs & a bunch of empty water bottles or cups surrounding your table

New Contributor Quin
New Contributor

A great Logitech mouse, a strong Optus internet connection, and Xboxone and a HUGE screen TV (Big screen is so small these days).

Visitor GT39


Frequent Visitor Kittycat888
Frequent Visitor

A chair with a mini fridage in it, otherwise I would never eat

Frequent Visitor octopia
Frequent Visitor

Rechargeable batteries for whatever device you’re using because there is nothing worse than being completely invested and then getting that low battery warning. 

New Contributor Gigi67
New Contributor

60” smart tv

Frequent Visitor Oc88
Frequent Visitor

Sound proof walls so you can scream in triumph or yell in rage at 3:00am and not wake the whole family 

New Contributor Jupiter707
New Contributor

A high resolution monitor so everything plays smoothly at the correct frame rate (sadly not what I've got).

New Contributor Rebel
New Contributor

A good door lock with only one key, works for me,  'Do Not Disturb' signs get ignored, now so does anyone knocking on the door.  

Frequent Visitor Sonia310
Frequent Visitor

There’s nothing quite like enjoying smooth and faster Optus NBN connection for all my gaming experience because it is a key element to achieve my high scores for winning. 

Frequent Visitor Leopard
Frequent Visitor

Confortable chair with a good gaming console.