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New Contributor Frustrated2018
New Contributor

trying to change credit card and sent in circles!

The Optus webpage is unbelievable!! All I am trying to do is change a credit card for the Direct Debit and you CANNOT do it. Instead you get sent round and round in circles. I have had to do this twice in a short space of time due to bank hassles and I assumed that the problem would be fixed after the first time but No, it's not. So after the first time-wasting runaround on the website, you get on the phone and try and speak to a human. Good luck with that! Again, you get sent down a heap of electronic rabbit holes and then you have to go "other", "other", Back, Back, Back and just hope you don't get disconnected. So finally you hear the sound of a ringing telephone and you're so pathetically grateful you even cope with "delay of 45 minutes". The whole enterprise is really unacceptable. From my last conversation with a human at Optus it appeared that there is indeed a problem with the website. She didn't seem surprised when I said "sent in circles". So why hasn't it been fixed in the last 4 weeks or so?? Every other service that I have had to change my card for has been easy and seamless but not Hopeless Optus!

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New Contributor Wilbycat
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Re: trying to change credit card and sent in circles!

Agreed. They could learn a thing or two from other utilities, even Origin do it better than this: totally easy to update CC info across multiple accounts. Optus should be ashamed, but it seems to generate enough $15 default fees to make it all worth their while when it doesn’t work and you need to pay manually after the missed Direct Debit date. And you can’t check that your details have flowed across all accounts through the one phone call enquiry. No-one seems to be able to operate outside their silo and give me zero confidence they know what they are doing.


If you ever need to update credit card details with a new expiry date, think about changing providers. It’s easier.

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