is 5678 a spam number?


Hi ,

I've received the texts from 5678 optus like below:

Hi xxx(my name), Optus here. We'd like to ask you 5 questions about your recent service experience with Anna on 05/09.

How likely are you to recommend Optus to friends and family on a scale of "0" not at all likely to "10" extremely likely? Unsub @

 And unfortunately I've replied it, now I think it looks weird, and worried maybe it is a spam number? So please tell me if this is a real optus number, and what shall I do if it's not?


Re: is 5678 a spam number?


If it's not an Optus number, it's nobody elses number. Only the telcos can have special numbers like that within their own network.



Re: is 5678 a spam number?


Hey @wendy1 - I don't think this is spam Smiley Happy This just sounds like a customer service survey from speaking to one of our team members. 

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Re: is 5678 a spam number?


Now I'm relieved, thanksSmiley Wink

Re: is 5678 a spam number?


Thanks for replying, it's very helpful.

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