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incorrect invoice and account setup

Dear Optus,


Can someone contact me by 9/1/18 or I will have to lodge a Tele Ombudsman complaint.


My invoice number *moderated* for account number *moderated* was generated incorrectly. This number should be linked to my other Optus number/account to data share. 


I already spent a few hours on numerous occassions with your teams to make sure we can data share my two Optus numbers under the same contract/account. I was told someone WILL contact me by Fri 5/1/18 the latest, this is 8/1/18 and I still hear nothing from you.


Thanks you.


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Re: incorrect invoice and account setup

Hey @yogini, I've edited your comment to remove your billing information. Sorry to hear of the run around with your account. Please jump into Live Chat so we can verify your details and follow up.

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