direct debt today after porting out 6 days ago


How do i stop this direct debt and get my money returned that was taken today?


Thanks Trevor... 

Re: direct debt today after porting out 6 days ago


Depends a little on whether you owed the money (as far as Optus was concerned). If so getting it back is a process. If its just an accidental charge then just contact Optus directly and reequest a credit. After accounts are closed Optus should send outstanding money to you. 


You can just cancel the Direct Debit in MYACCOUNT or ask them on LIVECHAT. You can also do it directly with your bank. They may say they don't want to but they definitely can.


Peter Gillespie

Re: direct debt today after porting out 6 days ago


Have you checked your last bill? What are the dates on the bill? e.g. if you ported out on May 11th and your last bill says it's for May 1 - May 31, you would still need to pay an amount for May 1 - May 10. Was the amount debited the same amount advised on the bill?

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