can i use centrepay


can i use centrepay to pay my bill.

Re: can i use centrepay

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Paper Optus bills have a BPAY customer ref. So I imagine Centrelink can use that.


However, you still have to keep an eye on whether Optus is charging you another $40 because of scammers or $10/GB

Re: can i use centrepay


Hello @pauli65, the BPAY reference number is not what you're looking for when setting up centrepay.


If you use the 'Find a business' tool on the Centrepay website here → to search for Optus, you'll find the details you need to set up Centrepay for your Optus account.

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Re: can i use centrepay

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Yes you can use Centrepay I made a payment this week with centrepay and it landed on the account if you would like the number that begins with 555 let me know and I will be more than happy my direct email address is *hidden*

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