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New Contributor

bill amount not as per the plan

bill value very high not as per the offer on the plan 

i have been offered that i will b paying $120 including gst for this plan with additional offer on $ 160 plan now i got the bill value as $ 145 excluding GST

im not happy with this billing im not not going to pay this bill without explanation

this is not just the first time

i do know i took insurance which is $12 

but still it cant be $145 excluding tax

and im not getyting line to speak to the customer care billing department

i cant be sitting on the phone fort the whole day to sort out this issue

i will only pay $120 including GST for this plan

moreover i would like to cancel my insurance for this plan and i would als want to cancel 0416531256 $60 plan

please do cancel ASAP considering this amil as confirmation


and make the minimun payment as $120 including GST for $ 160 plan for 0403147474

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: bill amount not as per the plan

This is a public forum @Prabhakar31, full of fellow customers not Optus staff. No one can access your account without first fully identifying you and posts here don't count as 'informing Optus'.


First bills at Optus can be messy but they should be able to be worked through. Note that any discounts or bonuses tend not to be applied until the second bill (and any money you over pay this month will go towards the next bill). I would recommend paying your bill in full otherwise a late fee of $15-$20 will be applied (Which is almost the amount in dispute?). 


FWIW You need to download or print out your bill and see exactly what is being charged for. Note that GST is not included in the items listed until right at the end.


On cancelling your insurance, this is how. Good to note that:  Please note: If you take our insurance today, your policy will start immediately with a cooling off period of 19 days, so during this time, you may cancel your policy without paying any premiums, as long as you’ve not made a claim


Let us know what your bill says if you'd like any comments, but you'll need to contact Optus direct to get it changed.




Peter Gillespie