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New Contributor thewolfash
New Contributor

Zzz Still Getting Charged - Optus Sport Subscription at No Extra Cost???

So for the last 3 months, I've been on the 40$ & then upgraded to the 50$ sim only 12 month plan.

Included in both of these plans is a free subscription to Optus Sport at no extra cost.


So for the last 3 months I'm not sure why but I've been charged an extra $13.63 each month for my Optus Sport Subscription (which should be included free at NO EXTRA COST).

Also btw for one of those months I got charged twice for Optus Sport.. the amount came to (13.63+3.63)


Like common man seriously....  If I didn't check my bills now and instead continue trusting you guys would send me the correct bill every month, I would've continued to get charged for this free service that is included as part of my plan.


Now I have to call up on Monday and wait for 30mins to an hour so I can get my bill charged correctly and account credited....


So heres my account number 80494254100368 to prove I'm not writing a slandering post for no reason.


Suprise me Optus and contact me first.. but I know that will never happen. ..


The extra Optus Sport charges applied to my bill for the last 3 months come to=> 13.63 + (13.63+3.63) + 13.63 = $44.52 

Please credit this amount and reissue my current bill to what it rightfully should be...


How can a $50 month bill be $67 when you don't go over data usage and calls/sms are free?

I don't even make international calls.... and my Optus Sport Subscription is included at NO EXTRA COST







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Moderator Shauna

Re: Zzz Still Getting Charged - Optus Sport Subscription at No Extra Cost???

Hey @thewolfash - can you please PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB? Happy to look into this for you. 

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New Contributor thewolfash
New Contributor

Re: Zzz Still Getting Charged - Optus Sport Subscription at No Extra Cost???

After 27 mins on the phone i am advised my credit will be applied. this was at 11am yesterday.. my bill still hasnt updated to the adjusted amount of $18.68. Ridculous Im not personal messaging.. just fix it please. Im sick of calling. live chatting.. now blogging on this weak forum. whats the point of all these options of customer contact if you can't get it right. pick ya game up Optus like seriously. I JUST WANNA PAY MY BILLL PLEASE!!!!!

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