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Wrong direct debit amount for latest Optus bill - anyone else had this problem??


Has anyone else had the wrong direct debit amount taken from their credit card for their latest Optus bill? I noticed when I viewed the Optus App for my mobile phone that the pre-gst amount was showing on there and not what the actual bill was for. IE: My bill is usually $82 per month and the amount showing on the app was $74-58. Strange I thought. I have messaged online with Optus about this and they say that my account is all up to date even though the deduction is actually less than the bill so theoretically speaking I actually have $7-42 still outstanding. Online it also shows that I am all up to date. The bill says and I quote 'Direct Debit from Credit Card on 08 Jun 2019 $82' that is not what has been charged. I reiterated to Optus that this could be a huge problem for all their customers with direct debits. Can anyone else advise if they have noticed the same thing? Thanks.


Re: Wrong direct debit amount for latest Optus bill - anyone else had this problem??


If your bill reflects $74.58 and they've debited $74.58 then I'm not understanding where the problem is?


Rather than assuming is a mass problem where they're suddenly going to help themselves to bank accounts (Which is just pure fear mongering), have you looked at your actual invoice? It's likely a credit or something has applied to your account since the bill was issued. This credit (in the amount of $7.42 which could be for anything) has updated the balance, and the system has taken the reflected bank account balance (hence the commend 'you are up to date' from Optus).

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Re: Wrong direct debit amount for latest Optus bill - anyone else had this problem??


$74.58 isn't the pre-GST amount of an $82 bill. I think the amount must signify something else?


I appreciate the concern though. The amouint is actually a less than expected billing and can see that if this was a wide spread issue then possibly OPtus could find itself in a mess of incorrect late fees etc. It is most probably though some credit or quirk in your account only. We'll see if someone else has noticed it.


Note Optus don't do late fees for amounts under $10 I believe. For you personally you could always just BPay another $10 into your account. This either pays it or will sit as credit and be used next month before any remaining debt is direct debited again.


Peter Gillespie

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