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Never have I had to face such bad customer service. After spending three hours on the phone just trying to gain a receipt of payment my concern was still not resolved. Instead I was called incompetent of using a printer. How can one be called incompetent when he hasn’t even received a copy of a receipt to print. I lost three hours of my day trying to follow up on how to gain a simple request only being a receipt. And yet Optus will not action anything about this as they honestly do not care or have a decent bone within the organisation. All their concern is taking money from you and providing the worlds worst network service and customer service. I’ve lived in third world countries dealing with network providers and received superior service and network compared to this junk Optus offers. I strongly advise to stay away from such a company like Optus. Still nothing has been done about what I was trying to solve and sound like a broken record. For an organisation Optus is disgusting, dirty thief’s that deserve failure, your customer service is like no other in the world being the absolute worst and you should be descraced in yourself especially with descriminating your customer. Go to hell!

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Hi @lukeben, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had this kind of experience trying to get a copy or confirmation of your payment Smiley Sad Definitely not the sort of service we should be providing or the way we'd want you to be left feeling.

We can definitely help out from our end if you still need assistance, please PM me with your account number, full name and DOB. Alex

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Re: Worlds worst customer service


I will not be doing that after last nights efforts. You have lost yourself a customer and will be terminating my account by the end of this week. Thanks for nothing, there is no chance I will be going through all of this again running around sounding like a broken record explaining what I need for the worst customer service team. What a complete let down. 

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Yeah but you wait until people are pissed off before you put any effort into helping. Prevention is better than a cure.

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Yea, I too have experienced the worst customer service. It's like they get all this money from their customer but hire illiterate and unexperienced customer service people (in India I'm assuming) to resolve their problems.


You have also lost me as a customer. Reason - double charging a bill for a one month period.

Causing me to reclaim the amount through the bank because you did couldn't find the transaction EVEN after I said I have proof that it happened.

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