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Why is everything relating to contacting Optus so impossibly difficult ?

I'd like to pay my bill - I really do....


I have a paper bill, somewhere - but would like to review online - so I login, I see my mobile amounts, I think this is great - I look at my home phone and broadband and nothing.... I can pay it... if I know my account number and the amount... but nowhere does it state it. So I head to search, try a few things, looking for "help" and get bounced back to the same payment page repeatedly.


Maybe I want to setup up Direct Debit, like I did for my mobile service - all online... but no - download a paper form, print, scan and send it somewhere ??? I don't own a printer - so please explain how. And for the priviledge of paying (or at least trying to) via credit card as I can't do online direct debit (unlike all my previous ISP's) I get charged..


<edit> So more searching - and the first Chat link I find is two pages deep in another post... for those that are also looking</edit


So, I look for live chat. I go to support, search type live chat - and no direct link. Nothing on the home page that would indicate its here, if anyone has one - please reply... if anyone knows how to setup direct debit online for something other than a mobile service - just let me know.

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Re: Why is everything relating to contacting Optus so impossibly difficult ?

Hi blacs01,


You can do lots of things online depending on the services you have linked up to My Account or Member Services.


My Account is available with,


Personal Prepaid or Postpaid (Billed) services that have a 14 digit account number starting with an 8 or 9 and Cable Broadband accounts with a 10 or 14 digit account number. In short, this covers most of these services:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Home / Office Phone on the Optus Direct & Optus NBN Networks
  • Home / Office Broadband on the Optus Direct (ADSL 2+), Optus Cable & Optus NBN Networks

Member Services is available with,


The following personal services with a 14 digit account number that starts with a 2, 5, 6 or 7 or Optus TV with Foxtel accounts with a 10 digit account number, these can include the following service types:


  • Home Phone on the Optus Resale or Optus Cable Network
  • Home Broadband on the Optus Resale Network (ADSL 1)
  • Yes TV by Fetch
  • Optus TV feat. Foxtel
  • Dial Up internet services

For more information please visit our site here

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