What happens the month you pay in advance?



Just wondering when you end/change your contract, what happens to the month that you have to pay in advance? When ending the contract, does it come off the bill or is it lost money? Same is recontracting, does it carry over or do you have to pay a new month in advance and never hear from the original money? 


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Re: What happens the month you pay in advance?


Its like paying rent (first and last month up front)


You only ever end up paying the prorated amount for the time you are actually a customer. So if your plan is $40 a month and you tell Optus you want to leave after 12 months then you'll end up paying $480. This might mean a cheque being sent out if you decide to leave or you might just run out your credit before leaving.


More usually most people just run into a month to month contract (you're still paying a month in advance but again you get it back when you finally go)




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Re: What happens the month you pay in advance?


I have received my last bill and apparently there is no sign of those 40$ I paid in advance at the beginning of the contract.

What is the usual reference for that credit? Is there a code or an explanation the customer should refer to?

Re: What happens the month you pay in advance?


Hey @Chicco76 - can you please PM us with your account details, full name and DOB? Let's take a look at your bill. 

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