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Unclear usage charge

Today at 1.08pm I received a text saying that I had used 15.38gig of my shared 30gig account.


Surprising news as I have been a pre paid user for years using only 4gig a month, and I am only two weeks into my brand new Optus one year contract.


About an hour later at 2:24pm I received another tex saying that I’d used 25.70gig of my 30gig account and that I would be charged $10 for each gig I go over. As I had only been making calls at this time I was sure something wasn’t right.


So I rang Optus and the help I received was just to say that there ‘seemed’ to be an error. The assistant said that my wife had used approx 2.5gig and I had used approximately 3gig of our 30 gig shared account. The assistant said he’d make a note of when I called and note the usage that I had up to this point. They were unable to say why I/we had received this notice. 


Now at 10:08 iv received another notice stating that iv exceeded my 30 gig and have been charged the outrageous sum of $10 for an extra gig I didn’t ask for. What makes matters worse is that there is nothing I can do about the account until the end of the month where I will be able to plead my cause and ask for my money back. If there is something wrong and my data is being used in a way that I am unaware of, I will at this rate, have to pay a lot of money. 


What does Optus have to say. Optus feel free to text me back as you have charged me for an extra gig without me asking for it so I am able to receive your reply.



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Re: Unclear usage charge

Hey @Gog, this certainly does sound most confusing. Please feel free to send me a private message with the below information so I can check our systems for more information


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Account Number:
Are You The Primary Account Holder: Yes/No

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Re: Unclear usage charge

$10 outrageous? You don't want to look at yesterday's thread where the amount in question was $4580 then. That's not a dig at you by the way but Optus. The system does some times go wrong and it seems Optus are on the  thecase for resolving it though. It may well get resolved before your bill so that's why you'll have to wait to see if it appears.


Android phones can set monthly warning and days limits on the phone so if you can I suggest you set those up. For Apple just reset the data counter each billing month. Also check the phone and Optus menu options for setting what apps are using your data.


Peter Gillespie

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