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Unauthorised MIA Sphere Live and Digital Turbine content charges



It looks like many people are having the same problem, I have received content charges from MIA Sphere Live and digital turbine, I have not authorised these payments and have been trying to follow optus instructions online to cancel these only to be going round in circles and now incurring a late fee to my bill as i was reluctant to pay for these services. I have had no look in speaking to anyone on the phone and I am currently sat on hold.... again, trying to have someone fix the issue and arrange refunds.


Any help or tips in how to fix this would be greatly appreciated 🙂 



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Retired Employee

Re: Unauthorised MIA Sphere Live and Digital Turbine content charges

Hey @nic49,


I'm sorry we weren't able to get you sooner. You might find the following two threads handy 🙂 The first is simply a summary of the recent changes we've made regarding Premium SMS content services. The second is a response I've linked with handy instructions regarding the process to get this one resolved.


Let us know if you have any other questions, we're happy to help out. 

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