URGENT - Need a customer service agent to amend recent payments to accounts


Hi all,


I have found it incredibly difficult to communicate with someone that works in the billing departent tonight (being hung up on after an hour on hold)


From what I gather. A recent over the phone payment (Was on the phone directly to a billing agent) was made to my optus phone account, when I specifically asked for payments to go to my optus internet account. This resulted in a large credit being applied to my phone account, and significant outstanding payments to my internet account. I have only just been made aware of this as I got an email with my current months invoice which included a large over due amount.


I need this matter resolved. I have had so many issues with optus since they transferred me to Jarvis. If I don't get this matter resolved in 24 hours I will be cancelling both my internet and phone account because I am fed up with the inconsistant work by your employees.

Re: URGENT - Need a customer service agent to amend recent payments to accounts


Billing Department is Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. 


FWIW Optus just credits over payments and deducts from credits each month befor billing. 


So I'd suggest just paying any overdue amount and if you have a credit in another account that can be returned in a seperate transaction.


Peter Gillespie






Re: URGENT - Need a customer service agent to amend recent payments to accounts


Hey @harryyy35, thanks for reaching out to us. I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you've had trying to get through to us! 


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but have we recently spoken to you over Facebook about this one? If so, it'd be best we keep our chat to a single platform in order to avoid any confusion or information being lost. I only ask as I recall seeing a conversation of a similar nature to this one, and it seems to be quite a specific issue. 


If we've not yet been able to investigate this one for you, could you please send through a PM to us here with your full name, DOB and account or service number so that we can take a closer look into this for you from our end? 

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