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Occasional Contributor TurboAussie
Occasional Contributor

Trying to "Ad a Service" to my Mobile Account

I tried to AD A SERVICE and the message says that it takes up to 48 hours.

Did anything happen in 48 hours? Of course not !!!!!

I tried to ad my home phone to the mobile account so that everything is in the one account.

Of course no one did a thing about it. Why? It is because of a CULTURE of a COULD NOT CARE LESS ATTITUDE.

You deliberately employ useless operators from third world countries, so that is why we cant expect good service.

Everyone is teriffic at making promises and does not actually do anything.

Why cant we have Australian Operators that at least understand what to do.

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Moderator Alistar

Re: Trying to "Ad a Service" to my Mobile Account

Hi Turbo, sorry to hear about the experience Smiley Sad Are you trying to add the mobile and the home phone on the same account? I can action this for you providing its a DSL service. Can you please provide me via PM with some account info for e.g full name, date of birth and account number? You can also see the steps here → Al

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