Trying to pay my bill but no 'Pay' buttons appear


Has anyone else had a weird problem with the new format on the Optus website when you login and try to pay your bill?

... there are no buttons displayed to allow you to confirm that you want to proceed.. there are no stored credit cards displayed .. there is very little indeed. WHAT'S GOING ON?


I tried three separate browsers, all patched and up-to-date, on a very up-to-date Win10 machine. All had the same result.


If I clicked on the 'Pay my Bill' link without logging in, I could pay but I had to enter account number abd card details, as opposed to the easy way you can do it when logged in.



Re: Trying to pay my bill but no 'Pay' buttons appear


Hey @Lisha_K, thanks for raising this. I haven't come across this issue before so the first thing to try would be clearing your cache/cookies.


If the issue persists, we can check the provisioning of your profile on our end for any issues. Jump into Live Chat with Mobile Billing so we can verify your details and make sure everything is set up correctly.

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Re: Trying to pay my bill but no 'Pay' buttons appear


It came time to pay the next month's bill and I had the same problem so this time I was able to phone support because it was in working hours, unlike last month when I tried to do a payment at night.

The answer appears to be that, in migrating our accounts to a 'new system', our stored credit card details were lost or removed.

So I clicked 'Charge card details', entered the details again and opted to save it for later use. THEN a 'Pay now' button appeared.


I think the message here is that if Mr Optus decides to move accounts to a new processing system, that's fine BUT TELL US THAT SOMETHING DIFFERENT HAS HAPPENED, such as removing our stored card details. That would help to avoid confusion.


Communication is something that is very poorly done by most organisations I've ever had contact with. That's sad.

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