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New Contributor yunseo
New Contributor

Themekoo charge

Hi today i found that my $40 plan have charged over $50. I check if i over my data but i didnt even over it and i tried to find whats matter of it and finally i knew that it is because of themekoo. I never subscribe that thing of channel whatever that is and i never saw it. I didnt even know about it so keep doing the internet research and it make me crazy. I dont understand why i have to bill this even i didnt know about that website and i never enter it and i am not going to pay for it if it keeping saying me to pay extra $13.55. I dont want to pay this money and i still dont get why this thing is happen to me. I want you to delete this money from my account and if you dont do it for me, i am not going to use optus anymore. This thing make me so stressful and terrible as well and also crazy. I am very angry about it and i hope you to solve this problem for me. Refund, no delete this money from my account and i am not going to pay this until you to solve this big serious stressful problem. I hope you to solve this quickly you can possible and make me to only pay my normal money.



Please give me a solution to solve this problem. I dont want to pay this money so please. Thanks

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RetiredModerator Esther

Re: Themekoo charge

Hi yunseo - thanks for reaching out! Sounds like you might have subscribed to Premium content - more info available here. I'd recommend to reply STOP to the number it came from and also ensure Premium SMS is barred in your MyAccount. Please let us know if you need a hand with this!

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