Terrible customer service




I closed my Optus account and have been trying for 2 months to get my funds back. Endless live chats, multiple calls (from overseas) to follow up, 7 hours effort so far. Multiple promises that I will receive a call back, nothing, no progress.


Every department passes me to someone else, no resolution, no customer service.


Is this familiar to anyone? 


Do they just delay in the hope we will give up so they can keep the funds?


Is Optus the worst customer service you have ever experienced or is it just an isolated case?

Re: Terrible customer service

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Yes I think that Optus telephone support is generally that dysfunctional that they might as well just divert all the calls to the TIO.

Re: Terrible customer service


Make that 8 hours, currently in another epic live chat answering the same questions. Unbelievable 

Re: Terrible customer service


Are they disputing your claim for a refund or what are they doing?

Re: Terrible customer service


Hi, i have had same probs, absolute joke.

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