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New Contributor Paddyb
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Tax invoices

I need tax receipts for my bills to submit to my employer for reimbursement. 


Bizarrely, Optus does not send you a receipt once you have paid a bill. Well they did the first bill I paid, but that was it. 

Trying to get one on Live Chat is like pulling teeth. The person I spoke to didn't appear to be familiar with the concept of a reciept. He simply told me I had nothing owing on my account when I asked for a receipt. (It's not his fault, overseas Optus employees should be trained about what Australian customers are likely to inquire about.)


I realise you can download bills but my company requires proof of payment ie a receipt. They also do not accept your bank statement, it has to come from the company you've paid. 


Not sure why Optus can manage to send a receipt for my first payment but not others. 


Does anyone know a solution to this?



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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Tax invoices

I think Optus view the reciept as across two bills. One the first the charges are itemised and its essentially a tax invoice. The second bill records your "Payments" in total for the last bill. Using the two together should be sufficient for your business to process the payments. (A tax invoice is a valid form of reciept apparently)


That said all businesses must supply a reciept on request within seven days of the purchase. So it should be straight forward to contact them and get a 'receipt' of bills and payments. However it presumably wouldn't look much different from what's available on the Optus MyAccount Website under Billing History:




Peter Gillespie

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