Speak to someone within 30 minutes??


I had to go through an absolute sh#t fight to have my broadband connected. So much so that I went to the ombudsman and the Optus CEO. I then received 6 months free internet for my grief. 

So, with data flowing life was good. That is until my internet was cut off.  Why? Because my bill was being sent somewhere else - an Optus Business office address - and I didn’t pay it! 

So after 45 minutes on the phone (and no human assistance) I just coughed up via my credit card. I then web chatted and spoke to someone offshore - both who assured me that they updated my address. 

So, I just got cut off again. So I worked out how to get to the billing shortcut to pay my bill via credit card ( now at 95c a minute) and after getting to the climax after entering all my card details as instructed was informed that this option is no longer available!

So I decide to speak to someone to sort this out....and was informed via the IVR that Optus hope to get someone to me within 30 minutes!

I hate dealing with Optus and am now cranky enough to go back down the previous route to get a result. 

Oh and my home phone was never restored from the first disconnection. 

I suppose it is CX just not the type customers recommend to others. 


Re: Speak to someone within 30 minutes??


Heya @ConnectMe. Really sorry to hear of the trouble you've faced getting this fixed up. Certainly not great to see at all. More than happy to help out further with this if you'd like to PM us here. Please let us know if we can lend a hand.

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