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Hi guys 

I accidentally subscribed to a smart mag $15 charge while scrolling on Facebook. I have replied STOP and have called the number that was attached to the text message up unsubscribe, I can see already $15 has been added to my bill, does that mean I just have to pay that $15 charge or can I talk to someone about getting this removed ? I didn’t want to subscribe to anything it must have been hidden in a add I clicked on. 

  Please help 😱

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Same thing happened to me this morning!

Tried messaging STOP and have had no message stating if that was confirmed by them or not.

 $15 has already been charged to my account and I don’t want this!


Please help!

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Same has happened to me too! Replied with STOP and didn’t receive a msg back! Also says I’ve been charged $15 on my phone bill, please help Smiley Sad(((

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Well, that's an actual case of people who knew they subscribed. Mostly we get complaints from people who don't know.


You have to turn off premium SMS on your account. That may be hidden in the depths of your App, or My Account. Or you may have to use Optus chat to turn it off.


Reclaiming the money is often done through the moderators on this forum, by sending all your details to them

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I have had the same issue this morning with a text and if I try to reply a message pops up warning I will be charged. Who do I talk to to stop charges for this?


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Talk to google and find the 2000 topics on it

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So I clicked on this same link as well this morning, it’s a total scam and when they send you the text message, sending “stop” or “unsubscribe” will not work!! Make sure to ring the number and press the corresponding numbers to unsubscribe, unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be getting your money back. Undignified scammers again, but just be glad to get out of it!

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Palease do not ring any numbers. They probably bill you for ringing them. You have to turn off Premium SMS spend on your account. Use chat or find the button in your account.


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Hey @bi0angel - Sounds like premium content charges. Are you able to send me a private message with your mobile number, full name and DOB? I can go ahead and block these from further coming through as well as request a refund. 

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This also happened to me, just scrolling through Facebook and obviously where my finger touched when scrolling happened to be over the add and it automatically charges you! On looking at my bill it says "smart mag one off" so I'm really hoping that means it's just a one off fee and not every month. Such scammers! 

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