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New Contributor nicolekk
New Contributor

Shocking bill from OptusTeam via sms?!

Today we received a sms from ‘OptusTeam’ saying that - 

‘your new Optus bill dated 24/01/2019 for account 62119157899 is ready. Your payment of $1956.38 is due on 08/02/2019. Click xxxxx(website) to make an online payment.’ 


Well we did have a prepaid plan (epic data) with Optus before, but that was a while ago, then we switched to other service providers... so the service with Optus should already be terminated and we have surely not been using the same SIM card at all in the mean while. Because it was a prepaid service so we never left details for direct debiting. And we do not recognize the so-called ‘account number’ - is this sms a scam? Should we report it to somewhere? 

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Shocking bill from OptusTeam via sms?!

I'd say scam except the amount is to high to be likely to be just paid.  Might be a phishing scam - Click and see an option to "Query Bill" and you're off on a phishing adventure.


I would just contact Optus directly (LIVECHAT). Ask about the account number (give your details) and see what they say. Prepaid can't rack up 'debts' so either a stuff up or a scam.


FWIW I'd like to say that no modern company would be so foolish as to send customers emails and SMSs with embeded links, or cold call them and request detailed identification details before proceeding with anything else. HOwever in the case of Optus that's not the case. As with almost all links sent these days, I would almost always try find a secondary way to respond rather than use anything in the communication itself.


Peter Gillespie

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