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Repair Billing

I'm on the Nexus 6P $65 a month plan, and didn't get insurance when I first got the phone. About mid January, my phone randomly messed up while I was sleeping and is now suffering from the infamous boot loop that's been going around. Optus won't do anything about it unless I pay over $500 because it has a cracked screen, of all things, even though it's still covered under Hauwei's warranty (until early 2018).

Does anyone know if I can get that $500+ broken up and added to my regular monthly bill, or will I have to pay it all upfront for them to do anything about it and fix it? I'm basically just paying for an overpriced sim card, and a broken phone that's completely useless at this point.

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Re: Repair Billing

Hey Aventum, totally get that its frustrating.


You're welcome to PM through your service details (mobile number/ account number & billing address) as well as your full name and date of birth and we'd be happy to have a chat with you about this.

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