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Receiving my bill by email?


Why am I not receiving an emailed copy of my bill??? I changed to this so as not to get the paper fee & I have not received a bill via email since I switched, (Feb-Mar 2017) I have been into the Optus stores at capalaba on mutiple occasions to try & fix this, I am starting to get fed up with this!!!! You are supposed to send me my bill in some form before the due date, not for me to worry about if I am going to receive a bill or to try & chase it up!!


Re: Receiving my bill by email?



Login to My Account and request for online billing. This seems to be the only way you can request online billing.



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Re: Receiving my bill by email?


I have read the issue for a previous person...I switched to Optus last December & now I TOTALLY regret it & am ready to go to the Ombudsman. The systems are appalling! I have asked, gone to store, rung, emailed, rung some more, checked under my login...everyone says they now have email billing notification on...ok I say...that’s what the last person said. Oh they think they are the perfect one....but here another month has gone by & STILL no email notification.

I am sick & tired of doing the work for Optus which should be a simple system ‘thing’...but they can’t get it right. So if they don’t send me a reminder, as I have requested & documented, then I may just forget to pay the bill by the due date! If this happens & anyone tries to charge me more, I will take all my emails & contacts about this to the Ombudsman & tell as many people I can what an appalling service Optus gives. Something sooooo simple is now extraordinarily infuriating. What’s more, there is no phone support on a Sunday (what century are you in Optus?) and the app & chat don’t work on an ipad!!!! Exasperating!!!! If someone replies to this & says “just go to this link to fix’, I’ll scream....because I’m not that stupid & I’ve been there, done that! For 5 months now, YOUR people have also ‘been there, done that’ too yet it still is not working. Just FIX it Optus! I’m ready to pull out of my cobtract & I will NOT pay any charges & I WILL let people know why! Please don’t bully us customers or treat us with disdain. All I’m asking for is an email on the day my bill arrives to let me know it is there! SIMPLE!!!!!!!

Re: Receiving my bill by email?

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Hi @HJB, sorry this has been looked into so many times without a resolution. If team members are suggesting everything looks OK on our end, we may need to have the problem logged with our IT crew. Just to confirm is it just bill notifications or bills as well that you're not receiving? Are you also unable to log into your My Account profile? Would you mind sending your full name, DOB as well as your account number so I can take a look? 

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Re: Receiving my bill by email?


Thanks but how do I do that securely without publishing my details to everyone? Can you give me a direct email/number to quote?



Re: Receiving my bill by email?

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This is quite interesting,

I have been email billing for a year or 4 for my internet and mobile accounts.......

Since about Sept last year, I started to wonder where my bills for the internet were, only to discover after logging into my account that I had overdue fees for non payment......Um never recieved the email bill....month after month I would need to ring/chat to get it "fixed" and remove the overdue fees....(funny the fees were never removed (Only when I was on the phone cancelling the service were late fees going to be rectified)).

I was finding that my "online billing address" was being changed to "" then next month "" then "" and so on and so on even after it had been "rectified" every call/chat.

After 6 months of this I got so annoyed that I dropped Optus internet under contract at my expence.

Now moved premises in January and updated details etc on my mobile account and low and behold those email bills have stopped arriving. Two calls in two months to fix the already fixed problem!!!!! WTF?

With responces being I assure you it has been fixed and it won't be a problem again.....WRONG!


Optus you have a system problem......your email billing dosn't work and has a serious flaw...seems it has been happening for a while and I am not the only one!

But its alright, you can keep charging late fees and raking the money in from the unwary who expect you to do your job and send bills/invoices.

A buisness would not pay a supplier (Optus) if an invoice has not been why should we the customer be expected to pay without an invoice.

All I was ever getting told was that if it was such a big issue you should use direct debit (big time plugging that one) or login to your account.....Um no send me the bill like you had been and should be!

Basically when I had the problem again"fixed" yesterday (2nd time for the mobile), I made it a point to have the issue esculated and be delt with, because if I don't recieve my next bill in email by the 25th April 2018 I am walking away from Optus after 20+yrs (I have already done it for my internet/home telephoney) and/or am getting onto the ombudsman.

9 months of dealing with this problem is starting to wear thin.


Fix the issue you think dosn't exist and stop blaming those silly customers that you think don't know what there doing.




Re: Receiving my bill by email?


@HJB, I'm not sure why our messages aren't flowing through to your end.


Jordan replied back advising that he has now raised the issue with IT.


I'll let him know that you've come through and he'll give you an update. 


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Re: Receiving my bill by email?


I've activated email billing, however I have never received a bill via email yet (not in SPAM folder either), and now my bill is overdue. Can this issue be resolved please?

Re: Receiving my bill by email?


Hey @Connected, sounds basic I know, but are you able to double check that the email is correct in My Account? And how did you receive the overdue notification?

Re: Receiving my bill by email?


After 6 months of absolutely unnecessary angst, but with persistence, I have FINALLY received my first bill by email!!!! Hooray!!! To anyone else with this issue, the only thing I can determine helped is that it was finally put to the IT department to solve (as everything supposedly appeared correct). I was ‘over’ the hours of phone calls, chats & store visits...none of these worked. This forum’s Optus responders always tried to say they had it fixed...but no. BUT eventually, someone did something right & all I can say to that person is...good job & now please do the same for all these other people in the same situation. It’s clearly a common problem! When a customer says they are not getting the emails...they are probably correct & it needs fixing. The computer is not always right!!! In the end I’m grateful I  won’t have to get upset by this any more (I I trust once??). Thank you! & particularly thanks to the final Optus person who took the action that was needed! I appreciate it.

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