Question about SOCIALNWK prepaid usage


I keep noticing SOCIALNWK in my child's prepaid usage. Dones that charge only show up if a social network site such as Facebook or Twitter is accessed or would access to other sites such as google be charged the same way?


Re: Question about SOCIALNWK prepaid usage


Social Networkis a special category for Optus. It includes: 


access to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, eBay, LinkedIn & MySpace



On many prepaid plans Optus doesn't count the data used accessing these sites (but still records the access)


You could also look at the usage data per app on your childs phone to see if it has recorded any data in these areas.


I believe both apple and google (android) now offer pretty comprehensive family setups (so you can set a kids phone up under your account and then choose what apps etc are available etc.




Peter Gillespie

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