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Phone plan

Hi there,

I signed up a contract for 2 SIM cards and 2 phones including insurance with optus last year. And i had a few bills that accumalated to a big bill, where then i had to call up Optus and go through a payment plan.

After that, i had the payment plan cancelled because i didnt pay it off according to date, so i left the bill and it accumulated to a larger bill to pay off. 

Then, i had one of my phone devices broken so i had to go claim an insurance at a store. So i had paid all the money on the large bill. And i went to the store to lodge a claim to get my phone fixed and the gentleman had looked up both numbers on the system and they were cancelled. So he called up the Optus Support team and they adviced him that the client "ME", to call up the financial team the next day and  get clarification. 

Now the questions that i ask are:

- What large bill did i pay off?

- Was the large bill that i paid payed off the phones and i get to keep them ?

Kind Regards


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Re: Phone plam

It sounds like you you have essentially defaulted on your contract? And the payment plan set up to handle the default on the contract? Payment plans are a last offer to give you the chance not to default. If you don't pay them and just "leave the bill" then Optus will generally cancel your services and move the account across to debt collectors.

You still owe the money. So it would seem you have now paid what you owed but that doesn't mean the service is (or even can be) restored.

Have the phones been working all this time? Did the phone get repaired under insurance? (Generally insurance would have been cancelled if you didn't pay it on time)

You should do a quick check of your credit rating. Use a free service as listed here:

As to if you own the phones that will depend if you are leasing them or are on a buy it plan. Do you know which you were on? Regardless no one here can tell you what your billing situation is. You need to phone Optus (or LiveChat etc.) and ask for billing and see what they can tell you. If your account is all paid up then confirm there are no outstanding issues.