I just received a text from pantherafinance saying I have an outstanding Optus bill????? I haven’t used Optus since I had numerous issues and connected with another provider. There was no outstanding amount as the exit fees were waived due to all the problems I had been having. Anyone else had this issue? I have read that pantherafinance are as dodgy as hell


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Debt collectors have to supply you the details of what the charge is for - you will need to request that from them as they purchase debt from companies.

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Debt collectors can be scary. It would seem some aspect of your Optus dealings weren't forgiven. Panther may be acting directly on Optus behalf but may also have purchased the debt from Optus (hopefully the former). 


First get a free copy of your Credit Rating to see if anything is listed there.

Next as @Paddylee mentions they must disclose amounts owed and when incurred and what for on request.

See if they can confirm the debt is still with Optus or with Panther.

You should then contact Optus and see what they have to say about your account.


Make sure you keep a record now of each contact and what was generally said.


Resolving the issue might take some effort or hopefully be straight forward. Optus might instruct Panther to stop or otherwise correct the situation. If not you should hopefully have some idea of what is going on. You should then WRITE complaint letter to Optus detailing why its a mistake and requesting it be fixed. You should get a complaint reference no. and hopefuylly an outcome. If not then you move onto the TIO.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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After a few phone calls, it looks like they are chasing someone else with same name. Different address and birth date. Obviously they just send these random messages out to anyone that has same name and they can get a phone number for and hope they get the right one. Very lazy way to do business.

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A lot collection agencies call it skip tracing. The more ethical ones will apologise for bothering and contacting you but most are not this polite and some will even demand you are not the person and demand you provide your personal information before they move on.  You will find these guys commission workers. 

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