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I paid my bill into wrong bill account by Bpay. 


It is my old account under my wife's name.


I contacted optus by phone and web chat, they said they could not find my payment recoord. 


They promised me they will hold my account and protect it. I do not need pay that bill untill they solve it.


My account been locked, because I trused them and not pay that bill. Finally, I paied the bill. 


I tried to search the mony from my wife's optus account, but no thing there. My wife is using prepay service. It might be the reason I could not find anything. 


Are there any way to solve it other then Fair Trading? 


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Re: Paid to wrong account




Don't post email addresses in public forums.


If you've typed in the wrong numbers then contact BPay or your Bank. Optus has nothing to do with the wrong payment.


That said, I wouldn't trust Optus processes to actually hold off on any repercussions of a missed bill despite any assurances. As you have I would pay the bill (twice) and then look to see if you can get the funds returned via your bank.


Fair Trading is not relevant. As far as Optus is concerned you just didn't pay your bill. Its therefore fair you get cut off.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Paid to wrong account


If your wife's account doesn't have permission for you to access it, as a starting point I suggest getting your wife to contact Optus so they can search her account for the payment. 

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Re: Paid to wrong account


Hi, thank you very much. I will let my wife to try it next week. 

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