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Hey, I currently have a huge outstanding bill from late free, and it's around 1,000. I was trying to pay of as much as I could till I recently moved back out of home, and now paying for a lot more,

i wanted to know is there anything with Optus that I can keep my phone restricted and pay of my debt each fortnight without it keep going up and up from late fees, in the past I've always paid my bills on time, it's just got out of control due to I pay half my bill and then pay the other half on my next pay, which causes me late fees. Please help. I wanna pay this bill, just it needs to be I fortnightly instalments without me being charge for late fee 

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Hi Kaylar,


You're moving in the right direction. However this is a public forum (not a customer service portal).


Its unclear from your post just what your situation is. You have $1000? outstanding. Can you still use your phone? Have you recieved anything from Optus about paying this bill? 


Regardless, you need to contact Optus billing directly and set up a payment plan. They're happy to freeze the debt once you have both agreed to a payback schedule. I'm not sure what the fortnightly request involves?




Peter Gillespie

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Late fees are not legally well founded. How much late fee have they charged?


If it's bad, then the TIO might give you a break.

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Hi @!Kaylabar1995, we can certainly help with that and if required get the contact details of our financial services team. Please PM us here → and we'll discuss. 

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