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Optus charged me for an account I did not open nor authorise

Optus created an account No: *moderated*, in my name without my knowledge or authorisation. This account is for a service in Victoria while at the same time this account was created by Optus I was and still living in QLD and had also a current service at the time with Optus. I discovered lately that I had a bad credit rating and it was because $208.69 was not paid against this wrong account.This ruined my unblemished credit rating and caused me inconvenience.

Now the amount outstanding has been written off by Optus but the issue is they put it as a default in my credit report.


Optus had my real address and phone number because I had a current service with them, however they never contacted me nor sent me any correspondence about the matter. I am assuming they were sending their correspondence to the wrong address for the wrong account, however all in my name. So they dealt with this matter as if I am two person but put all the responsibility on my name. I did even write something about this issue before it becomes a payment default when I was asked by customer service if I ordered a service relocation in melbourne and I confirmed that I do not have anything in Melbourne.


Optus is asking me to fill in identity theft whick I can not confirm because Optus created the account and they do not want to provide me any details which is ridiculus if they hold me responsible. On one hand they say privacy issues and on the other hand they say it is my responsibility.


My question is how can I make Optus see their mistake and fix it before I have to go to court to clear my name because of the incompetence of staff who opened the account in the wrong name?


My understanding that this account was for relocation of service so maybe if they check a little they can find out who was the original owner and how it transferred to me.


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Re: Optus charged me for an account I did not open nor authorise

Before you go accusing staff of being "incompetent", remember if someone turns up with ID that looks real and appears real, they'd have no way of verifying it was fake. 


The reason they ask you to fill out the form, they have to protect themselves against fraud too. You'd be surprised how many people go "I didn't do this" when they have buyers remorse (I'm not saying this is your situation!) but in your case, they are simply protecting themselves.


If you fill out the form you've been provided and get it back to them, then they can iron out the mess and remove anything that has been incorrectly listed. The other option you have, you can go down the complaint path with the CUSTOMER RELATIONS GROUP via


Fraud sucks, it hurts real people. In most cases, it's so they can get a handset they wouldn't otherwise get that they can then on-sell for money. You'd be surprised how many times when I worked in a Telstra shop, I'd have people come in asking for "3 iPhone X 512GB" (basically the most expensive and best phone) because they knew "it was the fraud limit" for certain transaction types. 

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