Optus cancelled nbn service completely due to late payment


Hello, I have been a loyal customer with optus for 10 plus years, having a mobile service, mobile broadband and NBN service. Unfortunately around christmas and new years my personal funds were extremely limited. I arranged a payment plan for my nbn service to pay the full remaining balance of $150 on tuesday 1st of january account number. i didnt realise my phone and mobile broadband bill of 147 dollars was due on the same day so i was only able to make a payment of 100 to the nbn service which i informed optus through the webpage that i paid. my services have now been restricted and now I after three phone calls with billing and technical team I have been advicey nbn service has been completely CANCELLED?


I contacted optus support yesterday and was advised i would have to start up a new account with a reconnection date of 5 to 7 business days and another 99 dollar reconnection fee!!!!

i am completely and utterly disgusted to be treated like this after being such a loyal customer. i have now started another account with a different provider for my nbn service as ever since i started my internet with optus it has been problem after problem, firstly i asked optus support countless times if i could consolidate my bills as i find it easier to pay and keep ontop of, and i was also NEVER advised that my services were being restricted or CANCELLED COMPLETELY i would like an explanation and a refund of the funds i have made to this account last week. i have received nothing but horrible service and am strongly thinking of changing my mobile and mobile broadband service also. I have tried on three seperate days and decides to submit a complaint via the online complaints form and when you click submit the link is always dead. I have also emailed the complains and enquires email three times with no response. Optus I am appalled and would have never expected this. Has anyone else felt with similar experiences???

Re: Optus cancelled nbn service completely due to late payment


It does seem like something has gone badly wrong with the process. Any chance you're on Optus Cable and the area has gone NBN Live? What does the NBN Address Checker say for you? What Street/Postcode are you in? Its just possible the cancellation was unrelated to the late payment.


I assume you've also ensured you're were not under contract when it got cancelled? There would normally be early exit payments due (although again if its NBN related then Optus have to waive them)


Anyway, I'm glad you've found a provider that works for you.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Optus cancelled nbn service completely due to late payment


Hello peter,


i have contacted customer service  on three seperate occasions about this issue and have also lodged a complaint with the customer relations group and still no reply.. every time I have contacted optus customer service via phone I have been told my cancellation was due to late payment in which they always divert me to sales to set up a new account, after I’ve told them numerously I do not want a new account I want to sort out the cancelled service and ensure no more money is owing as this is completely not my fault, and I did everything in my power to prevent this from happening. My street address is Hooker boulevard Broadbeach waters 4218 in Queensland, although I’ve been advised my cancellation was due to late payment. 


Im extremely unhappy as I’ve been trying to sort this out for over a week now and want to ensure this doesn’t affect my credit rating or ability in the future to get a new service with optus.


loyal customer of 10+ years with three connected services, would think I’d be treated better than this. Absolutely ridiculous 

Re: Optus cancelled nbn service completely due to late payment

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Nice piece of real estate Smiley Happy Your area seems to have gone NBN Ready a while now. I assume you were on Optus HFC Cable?


FWIW Optus don't generally cancel contracts because you don't pay. They may cut off the service but they'll keep racking up the monthly costs. Optus do however unilaterally disconect customers from their network three months after the NBN arrives in your area. Despite what customer service says I'd suggest this was likely the reason.


But ultimately it doesn't matter why it was cut off. Optus can now no longer legally reconnect you to their network now that the NBN is active. They've ended your contract (on their side) so no penalties should generally apply. Of course you have some late payments to pay off but you should be able to ask Optus how much you owe for the (now permanently closed) account and arrange to pay it.


That should be the end of that matter. You're now free to choose any provider to supply the NBN (as they now all use the same high speed connections to your house). BTW your Optus cable (if you have one) can now be disconnected physically from your house as the NBN will be using other methods of connections.


Optus offers some good content (EPL?) and a Fetch box for between $70 and $90 a month. You can resign with them but you can also try others - perhaps try a month to month plan as switching around now you will bo on the NBN is very quick and easy. 


FWIW Optus definitely should have made this a lot clearer and a lot less time consuming and a lot less stressful. I suggest trying to tone down your frustration and just try get the facts on paying out the contract that was closed. It should only be for the amount you recently agreed.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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