Optus Sport subscription on bill


Hi Optus,


I have received my second Optus bill and it still has the Optus Sport subscription included in there, charging me an extra $15 per month for something that is included for free as part of my $40/mth plan ($30 with 25% discount).


Can someone please look into this for me and rectify?

i have tried using the live chat but was waiting for over an hour last night without anyone ever appearing to help.




Re: Optus Sport subscription on bill


Hey @tiamisu023,


Can I just confirm the 25% discount is present? It's only the $15.00 credit to offset the Optus Sport charge that's missing? I'm happy to ensure that the plan has been configured correctly from my end. Feel free to shoot us a private message with your full name, DOB and mobile number. You'll just need to head to my profile page and click the message tab.


Look forward to hearing back.


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