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Optus Macarthur square

Hi all 

Went into Macarthur square today to get my phone check as the loud speaker don't work only in phone calls and the customer service guy Alvin didn't look at it or anything and then said he can't help me but would send it away for three weeks under warranty and i would still have to pay for it while it's check and wouldn't offer a temp phone and I got him to write it down as prof 

Myself and my wife are with optus and will be at the end of our contracts and will have a look around at other service providers as the customer service guy Alvin is the worst I have come across 

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Re: Optus Macarthur square

Hey @Philwc85, I'm sorry to hear you had a negative experience in store. I've tagged and submitted your comment as feedback to be reviewed by their managers.


The information provided is correct, your phone is covered by a warranty that is provided by the manufacturer, so the device would need to be sent away to an authorised technician for assessment. I made a claim myself last year and the phone was returned within 5 business days though.


If you have insurance and make a claim under that as opposed to warranty, you may be entitled to a loan phone but you would need to check the details in your PDS.


Another option is to approach the manufacturer directly. If they have a service centre in your area then you may be able to get the device assessed on the spot. 


Hope this helps!

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