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Online Order Status




I ordered an iPhone 8 on the $59 Christmas promotional plan. I received a temporary order number, T31513479384213, on the 17/12/17. The email stated that I'd receive another email within 48 hours with order confirmation. I did not receive an email, but I got a text on 19/12/17 saying that my order was being processed and that I would get an email with my delivery date 'as quickly as possible'.


No emails or texts since then, so on 5/1/18, I visited an Optus store who weren't much help, but they gave me a number to ring the following Monday (1300 300 562).


I called this number today (Monday, 8/1/18) and was on hold for 35 minutes, and after talking to the representative, he transferred me through to another department, and gave me number (1300 929 949) in case I was disconnected. I was hung up on after 35 minutes on hold, so I rang the number I was given. I was on hold for an hour and a half this time, and then transferred to another department but hung up on.


As I work full-time, and the online sales chat is only open from 8AM to 5.30PM, I am struggling to sort this out. I feel like my time was been sorely wasted today, and it is incredibly frustrating trying to gather any information to no avail.


I am trying to be polite, but if this many people are having issues the same as me, it would be sensible to communicate the known delay to all customers.


Please help me sort my order out!

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Re: Online Order Status

Sorry to hear of the run around with your order! I can check it out if you send me a private message with your full name and DOB.

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