Not receiving my internet bill


I have a recurring problem where I'm not receiving my bills for my internet account, I have called optus 7 times now to try resolve the problem and it still hasnt been fixed. Everytime I call i get told that email billing has been setup but i still dont receive bills, last time I called I had my billing changed to text message notifications and I dont even receive those.

It's getting pretty ridiculous that this issue cant be resolved after its been raised so many times.

Re: Not receiving my internet bill


Hey @abarnes89 definitely not what we want happening there :/ If you get in touch with our Live Chat billing team they should be able to fix it up. There's also a couple guides here and here


Re: Not receiving my internet bill


I've had this problem for a number of years. I too have to ring up to sort it out, receive the missing bills, get told that all is fixed and then ..... nothing, until the next time I ring.

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