No Email Notification for bills since the day I signed up


No Email Notification of Bill for the last 3 months despite repeatedly calling customer service. I don't know what is wrong with you guys. The last time you also reset my profile still no email billing. I have to manually login to my portal to receive bills.

Please fix my problem as soon as possible. Although I have indicated my preference for billing notification to be via email, I have not received any such notification since the day I signed up. Each & every month when I call, Optus will check my email address & account preference, and send me a test email (which I receive), then they escalate it to the Tech Dept, then to the Billing Dept, but to no avail!I receive test emails & marketing emails from Optus, but no billing notification. Nobody in Optus seems to want to go beyond that to check why I am not receiving it, and I have to call up each month and go thru the same process every time! Can somebody fix this soon. I am receiving bills via email for my mobile service which is a separate account and set up on a separate email. It is just this service for which I am not able to receive any billing notification. I am using a standard hotmail account and I am receiving emails from other people perfectly just not my bills.


Re: No Email Notification for bills since the day I signed up


Hey @doshik, I think I just replied to your tweets. Feel free to private message me here or on Twitter so we can look into this for you.

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