Multiple phone accounts and email billing


Why is it so difficult in today's day and age to be able to link more than one phone account to one email address?

As a primary aged caretaker I receive multiple email statements for my aged parent in order to pay her bills.  I am told that I cannot have her phone bills sent to my email address as this address is already linked to my phone account, I should set up another email address.  Why is this so?

Re: Multiple phone accounts and email billing


Can't speak to Optus resolving the issue (however the account your bill is sent to should be easy enough to change even if you need the old email address to login or as ID etc.). 


You could also consider setting up a free gmail account and setting them to automatically import from multiple other email accounts. You'd see them all in the one dashboard. You could even set up rules to tag or colour bill emails based on the sender or title etc.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Multiple phone accounts and email billing


Thanks for your suggestions Peter.  I have contacted Optus and have been told that only one phone account can be associated to an email address hence the need to set up seperate email accounts for each other phone account.  Alternative option to combine each phone account to one statement which I cannot do in my case.  It doesn't make sense and cannot see why this feature cannot be added to their billing system.

They suggested to receive other bills via sms with a link to the account for payment which is a better alternative to multiple email accounts so I went for this option.  Will now wait and see what happens at the end of this billing cycle.  Still, not the right way to go about it.  Once again, this shows a lack of customer needs being met these days whether it be phone, banking or other services that we pay for... sigh!

Re: Multiple phone accounts and email billing


Same here. After 4 phone calls and hour long live chat and still going. 

Frustrating is not even strong enough word to describe my feeling atm. 

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