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New Contributor Littlebird82
New Contributor

Mobile, Home NBN and Tablet bundling

Just wondering. I am already a Optus Mobile and NBN customer and am looking at getting a tablet as well. Is there a bundle for it all or is it just a $10 discount?

I ask as my old man is with Telstra for both Home and Mobile and when he upgraded his mobile they convinced him to add a Samsung S4 Tablet fpr only $10 extra a month sharing his mobile data across it as he has been long term customer blah blah.

So any goodies like that for us or just a whole ten bucks off.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Mobile, Home NBN and Tablet bundling

Hmm as far as I understood Telstra don't data share anymore where Optus still does. The $10 discount was discussed recently in another post and I do believe this is no longer available. I could be wrong about the discount however I did search the Optus website high and low and could not find any reference to it. The price on the Tab S4 with Optus on a $60 plan gets you 100GB. The same unit with Telstra on a $67 plan gets you 5GB. As a matter of interest had you purchased the S4 from Optus last week it came with a staggering 200GB.

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