Mia sphere scam ?


I’m being charged $9.99 for a mia sphere subscription which I did not make. Optus, kindly refund me money for this outrageous action of yours. 


Re: Mia sphere scam ?


Hey @Renee92, I've copied this from a similar thread that I commented on. I think you might find it useful.


We do understand the concern and changes are being made in response to customer feedback. I'd suggest checking out the following threads.



For the moment, we'd suggest jumping onto live chat →'d need to ask the consultant to action the following for you.


  • Ask that they set your Premium SMS spend limit to $0.00. This prevents any third party provider from charging your Optus account.
  • Ask that they raise a dispute with MIA Sphere Live. We're looking at a contact time-frame of 2-3 working days. Once the refund has been approved, it'll be credited back into your Optus account by the time your next invoice is due to come through.

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to send them through. 


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