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Medical reason for paper billing, Surely you have some empathy. Ty

Dear Optus

I feel like I am doing this for the second time anyway anyway I just wanted to say that I am using the microphone because I only have 10 fingers and they don’t work atm.

I have what they called a neural peripheral problem with added input from my cervical nerves crushing each other from C3 to C7. That’s in addition to the 5 broken vertebrae that are crushing nerves in my legs now too. And then they send the pain to my shoulders, arms, back and legs. Won’t bore you further but it’s obviously not good. So I’m really not in a position to go into email click on things etc.

I do believe when I last night that I have had 17,650 emails waiting to be opened.

I have pretty much set up my whole house to be digital and most things work via my voice including my lights my kettle anything that goes into a PowerPoint so Optus can you please not charge me for $2.20 and if you want to yes. you can charge me $2.20 but you have to promise me promise me that you will take my pain away and give it to yourself just for a day and you will be saying take anything of mine just so that I don’t have to do this for a day. Yes life sucks but we just have to keep on going with a little bit of help from people and organizations.

and yes I can provide a doctors letter to reiterate everything; unfortunately, that I have said. 

i’m sorry if the message isn’t perfect but the microphone isn’t perfect ok 

#freepaperbills #freeifdsabled #stamp$1so! #$1paperbills #tyfriendforhelping @Optus’poorstaff

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Re: Medical reason for paper billing, Surely you have some empathy. Ty

Hey @simmysmash, I'm sorry to hear of your circumstance - in spite of everything going on at the moment, hope you are doing okay. 

If you were having some monetary issues at the moment and were struggling to address the account charges, I would recommend having a chat to our Financial Hardship teams whom will be able to look into your situation and organise a payment plan.

With email billings as well, these digital copy are free of charge and although you do have a fair amount of un-opened emails - each bill will collect at the top of your inbox when they arrive.

If you were not wanting email bills, we can also set up SMS notifications instead. If you wanted this change over, please send your service details to our 24/7 Messenger service on the Optus App and we will be organise this for you. 

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Re: Medical reason for paper billing, Surely you have some empathy. Ty

Optus does offer exemptions if you can't access online bills due do a disability.
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Re: Medical reason for paper billing, Surely you have some empathy. Ty

I'm intrigued at the point of these posts. The last one also felt anatomical precision somehow added something "I have compressed my spin ( L4,L5and S1) and live with pain hand in hand".

You have 17,650 emails to be opened? With presumably no way to open them? I run my life via email and over the past 20 years have only managed 11,564. What on earth is the point of email for you?

If you can voice something so erudite and long then how hard is it to ask your email to search on OPTUS BILL and open it up? Is getting a letter and opening it easier than a couple of voice commands?
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