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Who do I talk to about making a complaint? Last week I talked to a Rachel on chat 24/11/17. I advised her that I paid 300 on my bill and that it was taken out twice. That extra 300 was my rent due this week. She said it would be debited back in in 3-4 days. However it  wasn't and my rent was not only not taken out but I also have a dishonor fee. This morning I got on chat and talked to a Blake and he advised me it was not refunded because I was not in credit and that it would've never been taken out without me doing it. Well it was , like I said to Blake why would I put two payments of 300 straight after each other and not just put 600 and so on.Then he abruptly ends the chat! How is that professional on your part optus? Seriously I have no reason to get up at 6am in the morning just to start making complaints to optus. Its the last thing I want to do , its only now set me up for a crappy day ahead. Not cool optus.

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Juggling the finances is tough. It sounds like your bill was more than $600 initially? Leaving aside the hows, no business would 'refund' money to a customer that still owes them something. Its a standard contract clause.


As to how the money was taken out twice, that could be a bit trickier to figure out. Generally Optus can't just take money from your account, only you can send them money. Easiest explanation is you clicked a send button twice or refreshed a page perhaps. Have you made any seperate arrangements to pay this bill over time? Have you set up a direct debit with Optus? Is it possible Optus debitted the $300 as (possibly) arranged and then you not realising this also sent them $300?


If you'd like to make an official complaint then a letter is probably the best way IMO.




Peter Gillespie


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I did it how I always did it, through the app. I don't have direct debit set up, this is how I always pay unless the app isn' working,  then I use bpay. The first 300 was to pay off a previous bill and then a little extra towards the next one. Again, I would've put 600 hundred not two separate payments of 300. Optus just can' seem to admit that there was a glitch that caused two payments to go through. The next bill I'd already arranged an extension on. Honestly I'm tired of these bull**** excuses from apologists for optus.


They also shouldve let me know it was rejected so I could've made other arrangements. Their customer service is absolutely woeful. It's like interacting with a robot that can' even read the script they've been given. Telstra are now the same. Telecommunication companies that can't even communicate. 

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