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MIA Sphere live scam

I have contacted Customer support via live chat and spoke with someone who tried to be helpful. However at the end of the day it appears a third party service provider has been allowed to scam optus customers by optus facilitating the collection of charges that people didn't authorise and know nothing about.

I was advised by customer support that they would put a block on my account so that no futher charges of this kind can be applied.

As to the current and already paid unauthorised charges it seems it's up to me to get them back from the third party.

From what other people have posted in relation to this topic that's about as likely as Snowmen on Bondi beach in summer!!

I will see what happens and will be contacting the Telecommunications  Ombudsman and moving to another service provider for my internet data if this matter is not resolved in a satifactory manner.

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Re: MIA Sphere live scam

Optus have applied the charge and are responsible for it. Unfortunately half the staff will tell you it's your responsibility. The other half will refute the charges on your behalf. You'll need to contact Optus again to try get the right half.


Contrary to your post, once refuted is almost automatic that you will get your money recruited on your next bill.




Peter Gillespie 

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