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Would anyone be able to provide me with a solution to get my money refunded for unsolicited messages sent to my phone by MIA Sphere which have appeared in my account as content services charges. I have been with Optus for several years however will be changing service providers if this is not resolved. I have incurred charges amounting to $210.00 over 2 months on to of my normal bill. I have been into my local Optus store and a complaint was placed with optus staff CP 543388. I was assured this content service will be blocked and a possible credit returned- however that I will be contacted in the next 24hrs. I have not been contacted and MIA Sphere has not been blocked from contacting me. Since then I have received 5 messages from MIA Sphere which I assume I will be charged $50 more dollars for on my next bill. I do not feel comfortable contacting MIA sphere directly as they have already scammed me $210.00 and possibly more. Could anyone please help as I did not consent to these services or charges. These bills are a financial burden causing me a great deal of stress! Thanks. 

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Yes this rogue company needs to be blacklisted as the forum is filled with complaints about them. The best approach to stop these premium service charges from happening is to remove the abilty for them to charge you. By changing the settings yourself to zero this should stop any future charges. Information on how to do this is available on the first link below.


For the charges you have allready incured I would be contacting support and requesting a refund. This can be done via the live chat on the second link below. Keep in mind the support system currently has long delays so it may take some time to get through.

Re: MIA Sphere false charges


Long delays with chat is an understatement :-)

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