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MIA Sphere Live charges

Hello Optus,

Apparently I am one of the new victims of this MIA Sphere Live charge scam that has been circulating for a while so it would appear.  I, nor my partner on the other handset as part of my bill have ever subscribed to any such service.  I now realise that I have one charge of $6.99 in my bill for last month and then in my current billing cycle on a weekly basis I am being charged the same $6.99 every week!!

Can someone please contact me as a matter of priority so these charges can be stopped and my money reimbursed for my last bill and these current charges removed from my current bill.

I have already managed both handsets accounts based on the information sourced through this forum.

Hoping to hear from a representative soon.



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Re: MIA Sphere Live charges

Hi @Idareu1970 - Really sorry to hear that this has been your experience. Are you able to PM me Here your full name, Optus number & date of birth so we can take a look into this? 

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