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Occasional Contributor domdom
Occasional Contributor

MIA Sphere Live / Cool4mob scam


Can somebody help me? I have account with optus <edited> , when I check my bill, this company "cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O" will called me in the morning for sometimes??? and will charged me for each phone call $9.09!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER pick up any phone call, NEVER receive any message from this company!! I went to optus, but they said the payment was charge by the third party, so that mean optus can't help and I am not able to get the refund from optus. Should I call police or open a case with fairtrading? I used vodafone before, they never have this issue. I think I should go back to vodafone when my 2 years plan finish.


Invoice No: <edited>

Issue date: 13 Mar 17

Due for bill: 31 March 2017  I don't know what to do, BUT I WOULD NOT MAKE THIS PAYMENT!!

Date Time Number Service Description Supplier Type S/R Helpline Amount

13 Feb 07:46am Cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O 1300724406 9.09

20 Feb 07:46am Cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O 1300724406 9.09

27 Feb 07:46am Cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O 1300724406 9.09

06 Mar 07:45am Cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O 1300724406 9.09

4 Records $36.36


Invoice No: 791419815

Issue date: 13 Feb 17. For this invoice, I already paid. Over charge me $18.18

30 Jan 07:44am Cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O 1300724406 9.09

06 Feb 07:44am Cool4mob MIA Sphere Live P/O 1300724406 9.09

2 Records $18.18


Thank you for everyone.

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Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live / Cool4mob scam

Hi @domdom!


It seems that you've been subscribed to a premium contents / services. Well, you need to coordinate with Optus Care to block those charges from your account. They can also file a query log on your behalf so that the 3rd party company can call you after 2 business days to discuss where the charges originated and also if there's a possible refund. It is not Optus who charge you those amounts.

There's a default Spending Limit for every service number so that everyone can join competitions or subscribe to premium contents. It's not actually Optus has signed you up but your number has been acidentally signed up. There are number of reasons how you will be subscribe to those third party company.


Please call Optus at 133937 so that they can discuss this further.


You can check more details about Premium contents / subscriptions by clicking here.

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RetiredModerator Miles_R

Re: MIA Sphere Live / Cool4mob scam

Hey there, @domdom. The info that @Xenomorph has outlined above is correct. We are more than happy to look into this for you if you'd like to PM us with your account details. Just so that you're aware, I've edited portions of your initial post to protect your privacy. Best not to publicly post personal info and account details.

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Occasional Contributor Ostrich
Occasional Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live / Cool4mob scam

I would love to find out HOW this company is getting these mobile numbers.


I am in same position (data only, Share plan) and even I didnt know that mobile number until i had to quote it to get my refunds...


Ive never called/used/given out/sms'ed etc

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Moderator Marie

Re: MIA Sphere Live / Cool4mob scam

Hey Ostrich,


I'd recommend checking out our post on  Premium SMS (PSMS) and How To Set A Spend Limit.


You'll be able to see how you can be charged without entering your details.


Are you wanting to dispute charges for this or have a $0 balance set for your account? 


If so you're welcome to PM me and I can organise that for you.



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