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Late fees for a bill never received


 Has anyone had this situation happen?

So back in late 2016, I switched from paper billing to email billing to save on the $2.20; I couldnt do this via self-service, I asked a consultant to help me with it. All is good for the first 2 months, receiving my bills and paying them on time.

However, 2 months passed and no bills were received, I contacted Optus live chat in April and requested my bills due in March and April, 2017 and paid them. Then I got a bill due in June, 2017 with unpaid amounts AND late fees. I had not missed a single bill that I got.

Recently found out that Optus had missed out sending another bill from that period (due in May for the month of April, 2017) and keeps sending me letters for late fees. But whenever I called up, they NEVER explained, just advised me to go pay the bill. I am not paying amounts that I dont know what they are for. And now they are threatening suspension of my account.

Its kind of hard to pay a bill when you dont receive it, isnt it?

Also, if any Optus employees reading this, I still need this solved and signing up for my account is as reliable with bills as my cats with a schedule.


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Retired Employee

Re: Late fees for a bill never received

Hey @not_satisfied, I can always organise to have the missing bill sent out via Email.


I can also register you service for My Account and register the account for electronic invoicing.


Drop us a private message. We need your full name, DOB and account number,

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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